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As every year at the same time, Sports Interactive draws its management simulation. Football Manager 2023 will therefore be released in the final version on November 8 on PC, Xbox, Xbox Game Pass, Switch, PlayStation 5 and mobile. Note that the PS5 version has been postponed for an as yet unspecified date. So, what are the great novelties of this new edition and do they justify the purchase of the game? We played the beta version of this new opus and generally enjoyed the experience.

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Always more immersion in Football Manager 2023

The great strength of this title lies in its incredibly rich database. This 2023 edition is obviously no exception to the rule and it even offers an even more enriched version with the agreement signed with UEFA. The drawing of lots thus benefits from a few winks and logos which bring more and improve this simulation.

We therefore take pleasure in getting lost in the very many files and other detailed statistics on any player or member of the staff in the four corners of the planet. The recruitment system is always a key point of the game, and it has been perfected this year.

Soccer Manager 2023

The Champions League draw gives chills with official music and logos. © Sports Interactive

Thus, a workforce planner allows us to plan transfers over several seasons and to see things more clearly. Always more present, the agents watch over the interests of their clients and often make life difficult for us during negotiations.

The immersion is also reinforced by an improvement in the AI ​​of the opposing managers that we could feel at our expense during our games.

In addition, Sports Interactive claims to have improved the match engine. On this point, however, it is difficult to see a real difference, and it must be admitted that the latter remains quite rudimentary. However, many players who do not necessarily have recent computers will appreciate being able to continue to benefit from this experience.

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When the fans become the masters of the game

This is one of the novelties that struck us the most. Supporters are now taking on real importance in the game. A confidence index has thus been set up, like the one that already exists for leaders. Each club has a unique fan culture. For example, you won’t necessarily have too much pressure in a club like Monaco, but managing OM is not easy.

Soccer Manager 2023

The supporters now have a clear opinion on your performance. © Sports Interactive

While the board focuses more on financial and strategic elements, supporters are more interested in identity and performance against rivals. They also influence the managers, and getting the fans in your pocket is therefore an important element for your survival as the head of a club.

You can also see in the visuals that we captured on the game that they show up every month and regularly share their feelings about our performance.

Small changes that make a difference

Football Manager 2023 also manages to set itself apart from previous installments with a few welcome additions. So it is with the new Dynamic Manager Timeline. This frieze allows you to relive your career through its great moments.

Soccer Manager 2023

A new timeline gives a better overview of your career. © Sports Interactive

We also like all the care given to the Data Hub, which becomes incredibly precise. Stats enthusiasts can have a field day and spend hours digging through the data in search of crucial information about their team or a flaw in an opponent. If you don’t want to spend too much time on it, you can delegate this work to your analysts and they will find interesting details.

Finally, Sports Interactive promises new features on the Fantasy Draft, the online career mode, and the Versus mode, but we have not had the opportunity to test them.

In the end, Football Manager 2023 therefore offers interesting new features that make it an exciting game for all football fans. Should we get the game if we already have the 2022 edition? This remains at the discretion of each, but the innovations do not necessarily justify a purchase in this case. For those who have not played Football Manager 2022, however, there is no real hesitation and this year’s edition is well worth the detour.

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