Rebranding for Android in November!


From time to time, Alphabet releases updates to the Google system that reinforce “the security and reliability of your Android devices, and offer you useful new features“, according to the publisher. We are entitled to it every month, November being no exception to the rule. The opportunity to take a quick overview of what awaits users this month, according to the official release notes just shared with the public.

Among the first improvements, we learn that supervised users who are not time controlled will now be able to change their device time. Until now, it was impossible for all those who did not have a hand on the mobile phone. The developer therefore wants to be more logical, the restriction remaining of course in place for children whose parents prefer to limit screen time.

New photo picker for older mobiles

With this, Google also announces the photo picker that landed with the major update to Android 13 will be available for other older versions. Until Android 4.4 (KitKat) more precisely, which still dates from October 2013! It is not at Apple that such advantages would see the light of day, the Apple firm preferring to block support for its most popular software and products after only five to seven years of availability on the market…

Android 13 photo picker

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Google Play Store

Google also specifies that it will bring updates to its Play Store. To begin with, users will be entitled to new features for “discover apps and games that they appreciate. Unfortunately, Mountain View does not say more for the moment: it will be necessary to wait until the deployment to know more.

Still on the side of the Google Play Store, optimizations are in the game for download and install apps faster. Play Protect, which verifies that the content obtained in this way is not corrupted, has also been revised to further secure the files in question. Finally, search results have a new format.

All these changes do not necessarily arrive at the same time: if some are already available, it will be necessary for others to wait until the next week. To be sure to receive them, remember to connect your smartphone to the network regularly, preferably via Wi-Fi to avoid any additional costs from your operator.

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