The fourth-generation iPhone SE will surely have a larger screen


In recent weeks, rumors about a fourth-generation iPhone SE whose design would in fact take over that of the iPhone XR have multiplied. Ross Young (of Display Supply Chain Consultants), renowned analyst, also contributes his stone to the building. For the researcher, it is indeed a question of making the slab more imposing, but nothing indicates with certainty that it is the 6.1-inch format that will be retained. Indeed, the expert explains to us that Apple would also test versions with a more compact display, up to 5.7 inches.

The manufacturer has time to decide: if we are to believe its release habits, the next iPhone SE is not likely to see the light of day before the first half of 2024. The current model, for its part, arrived last March and continues to offer a 4.7-inch LCD panel that does not fail to arouse criticism. Our mobile phone test showed in particular the discomfort created in everyday situations such as watching videos or writing text messages. A wider diagonal would therefore be welcome, yes.

What else ?

With this, it is rumored that the fourth generation iPhone SE will finally be equipped with the technology Face ID. This recognizes the facial features of the user to allow him to unlock his mobile without typing a code. It is also very useful for accessing online data thanks to the new functionality access codes announced at WWDC 2022.

iPhone SE 2022


On the performance side, Apple has a habit with this collection of offering us the same technical specifications as the high-end iPhones released a few months earlier. Understand that the fourth generation iPhone SE is likely to be powered by a A17 Bionic chip like the supposed iPhone 15s. The amount of RAM, meanwhile, remains unknown until proper teardowns find the information under the hood.

Apple’s latest compact mobile

With the release of the iPhone 14, Apple has withdrawn the iPhone 12 mini from sale. For this compact format, there are only iPhone 13 mini in store. But we can easily hypothesize that, here too, the mobile will be removed from the shelves with the marketing of the iPhone 15 at the end of 2023. The third generation iPhone SE is therefore perhaps the last representative of the less than 6 inches from the Apple firm… If you like this type of panel and the Apple ecosystem is essential for you, go for it.

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