3 reasons to crack (or not) for the latest Call of Duty


It is now a tradition. Every year, before the holiday season, Activision launches a new version of its Call of Duty franchise. After a disappointing Call of Duty Vanguard in many respects, the studio was therefore expected at the turn by its fans.

In 2022, it is therefore Modern Warfare II which has the difficult task of raising the level. Not very difficult, some will rightly say (how wicked!). To develop this new opus, Activision has partnered with Infinity Ward, the studio with which it publishes Warzone, its battle royale.

We had the chance to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare II on Xbox Series X during many days. Single player campaign, multiplayer, we explored it all. so here’s the 3 reasons to crack (or not) for the latest Call of Duty.

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💚 What we liked

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile

© Activision

The single-player campaign

Although a bit short, Moder Warfare II’s single-player campaign is overall very successful. We are pleased to find the characters of the first opus (Gaz, Soap and Price) in addition to the newcomer Ghost.

As always, the script is closer to a 90s action movie than a cinematic masterpiece, but the story holds together. Our heroes oscillate between the world of cartels and the fight against terrorism, traveling from Russia to Iran, passing of course by the United States.

The evolution in the game is fluid, the mechanisms known, but the soundtrack and the sound effects immerse us well in the adventure. The different difficulty levels will allow any player to find their way around and know the outcome of the plot. A good single player mode as we like them.


Call of Duty is also (and above all) a traditionally supercharged multiplayer mode. This new opus remains faithful to the reputation of the franchise, even if the gameplay is somewhat slowed down (we will come back to this).

If the cards are uninspired and favor “big campers who risk their lives and rot the games” (it had to come out) the game sessions remain very fun. We take pleasure in finding the game modes that we know well and discovering the new ones.

The new mode land warwhich uses the principle of Battlefield, is also one of the most fun since it takes place on an extended map, some portions of which are reminiscent of “real” multiplayer maps.

Multiplayer is also the way to improve weapons. This year, Activision and Infinity Ward opted for a different system, categorized by family. To improve an M4 for example, it will also be necessary to improve an M16 which, to improve, requires improving an SMG. Basically, for all your weapons to be on top, you will have to use several of them and not multiply the games with one and the same weapon.

Finally a word on the SBMM (Skill-Bases MatchMaking) which classifies players according to several criteria so that they find themselves in games with opponents of the same level. That’s for the theory.

Because in practice, the multiplayer is this year much higher than usual. After a dozen frankly fun games (not to say washing the lobbies, let’s be honest) the system places us in much more difficult games. And as soon as we start rolling again on the lobbies, hop, we switch to games with much stronger players.

This operation sometimes has a major drawback: rather than having fun, we find ourselves having to “play our lives” to hope to perform a little bit. A small readjustment of the gauge would not be refused.

More accessible gameplay

Call of Duty regulars may be critical of the gameplay of this new opus. Those who have taken months or even years to perfect their skills will be sorry to find that the gameplay is a little slower than usual.

For example, climbing a wall that is too high requires two moves instead of just one. The movements are also a little slower with longer slides. Exit also the famous “cancel slide” (slide that is canceled by a combination of keys) very popular with the most experienced players.

Beyond these few changes, the gameplay is on the whole still as efficient, if not more so. The movements are more fluid, the weapon changes too.

We can also evolve differently. It is possible to dive forward for example or to move on and under water. If this last possibility is little exploited here (the maps do not lend themselves to it that much in multiplayer for example), the arrival of Warzone 2 in November should give all its meaning to this novelty.

Finally, for the first time in its history, Call of Duty includes a 3rd person game mode (you see the character) PUBG way. If this mode is only available in Doination, Hardpoint and Deathmatch games (which is not bad) and it deserves some adjustments, it is still surprising. Something to touch, perhaps another audience than insiders.

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🔴 What we liked less (even hated)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

© Activision

Messy menus

If the new interface of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II seems lighter with its transparency effects, Navigating it is very complicated. In any case, this is what we felt during our first hours of play.

All the elements are positioned haphazardly, without too much logic. The homogeneity of the graphic charter does not allow you to find your way around clearly either.

In addition, the most important elements are positioned in corners of the screen, which is somewhat confusing during the first game sessions. So yes, you get used to it after a few hours and you forget the rough interface a bit. Still, these messy menus aren’t the best idea the developers had for this game.

multiplayer maps

The fans of Camping Paradise will love the new Call of Duty maps. On a more serious note, Modern Warfare II’s new multiplayer maps are uninspired. More vertical (which is not a bad thing) they especially favor the game of “big campers who risk their lives and spoil the games” (has it already been said?).

While Call of Duty was appreciated for its dynamism and its side (let’s say it frankly) a little nag, this new opus forces you to move more carefully on the cards. The possibilities for hiding in a corner are endless, which tends to annoy in the long run.

Perhaps these choices are meant to make the game more accessible to new players. But a priori the SBMM is made for that. Too bad, because maps are an essential part of the multiplayer experience.

For the rest, we regret that these cards do not have more water surface. There is really only one card to really move in the water. It is however a major novelty in the gameplay.

Our opinion on Call of Duty Moder Warfare II

Overall, this Call of Duty Modern Warfare II is rather convincing, even attractive. It is in any case well above the previous opuses, in particular the very disappointing Vanguard.

Still, Activision and Infinity Ward have not revolutionized the franchise. We find all the usual codes, with everything that makes us love, but also that we hate Call of Duty.

Among the strengths of this opus, the single-player campaign and the new gameplay are undeniably the most effective. The multiplayer mode, although convincing, still has the same weaknesses related in particular to SBMM, here more demanding than ever. As for the cards, let’s hope that Activision and Infinity Ward develop new ones, because the ones offered are very disappointing.

We are waiting for more than one game sold for 80 euros excluding promotions. Especially coming from a studio like Activision. Now let’s wait and see what Warzone 2, the Call of Duty battle royale, will be like, which will land on November 16.

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