8 worst credit card codes, manga and Culture Pass, new iOS


Contents: discover the 8 worst credit card codes assigned by banks and why you have to change the PIN code if this is your case, relief after a proposed amendment that would have excluded manga from the Culture Pass, all the new features that are coming to your iPhone with the December iOS 16.2 update and why Street View is disappearing from Google’s catalog of official apps.

These 8 CB PIN codes are the worst your bank can give you

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The famous American data analyst Nick Berry lists in a study the 8 worst credit card codes your bank can assign you. These codes are usually chosen at random, and many banks allow you to customize it. However, there are PIN codes that thieves are statistically more likely to guess than others. Discover the list and why these codes should be avoided to change it or have it changed as soon as possible.

The RN amendment to exclude manga from the Culture Pass rejected

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While manga have never had so much success in France with more than 23 million sales at the end of the first quarter of 2023 alone, the RN tried to introduce via an amendment to the 2023 Finance Bill their exclusion Pass Culture. Fortunately the text was largely rejected by the deputies during the vote. And we can say that it is a crushing defeat for the RN in view of the results.

All the new iPhone features coming with iOS 16.2

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iOS 16.2 arrives in December with some new features for compatible devices. As with each new generation, the first updates generally bring more new to iPhone. On the menu of version 16.2 (for the moment still in beta) there is, among other things, a new widget for monitoring sleep and another for taking medication, and new live activities. New features are also coming to iPad with iPadOS 16.2.

Why Google stops publishing the Street View app

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After the announcement of disappointing financial results in line with the losses observed at almost all the big names of Big Tech, Google cuts in its expenses and announces the stop of several official separate applications. Among them we find for example Hangouts and Stadia – but we now learn that the Street View application is also paying the price for the budget cuts wanted by the parent company Alphabet.

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