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Historically, Black Friday was held on the one and only Friday after Thanksgiving. It was therefore the last Friday of November that saw merchants flood the web with thousands of bargains. In France, this era is over: the whole month of November is synonymous with quality discounts. We made you a selection for this Sunday morning.

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Top Black Friday + Single Day deals:

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In the e-commerce world championship, two players stand out: the American giant Amazon and the world leader Alibaba. The latter does not participate in Black Friday but rather relies on an event of its own: Single Day. The latter is held from November 1 to 12 and is a real alternative to American Black Friday. Above all, Alibaba (and AliExpress in France) generated 8x more turnover than Amazon over the period.

This Sunday, you’re in luck: we already have many Black Friday offers in addition to the Single Day discounts. To give you an idea of ​​the size of this Single Day, Alibaba achieves 10 x more turnover during this event than the Fnac Darty group for a year. To achieve this, it slashes prices on all products – even the newest and most popular ones.

How to find your way around Black Friday?

If in the United States, Black Friday is always concentrated around the last Friday of the month, the behavior of the French means that the operation is spread over a longer period. So you are lucky not to have American pressure to buy on a 24-hour window. Since the beginning of the month, we have already seen quality offers on products that are very popular. Most e-merchants are active.

The good news of Black Friday is that all products and all categories are represented. In the electronics and IT part, you have both hardware and software. The Apple, Xiaomi, OnePlus or Samsung brands are loyal to the operation. As for software publishers like NordVPN or Bitdefender, they also bend over backwards from the beginning of November.

If e-commerce leaves a lot of room for electronic devices, other themes are also targeted. For example, the bedding brand Emma is attacking very hard this month with unprecedented and insolent discounts. She has also warned that her offers will not be better as they get closer to the end of the month. If you want to change your mattress, we advise you to take advantage of the flash sale available this Sunday.

Since Tuesday, the start of Single Day, there has already unfortunately been a series of ruptures. If the software is not at risk of falling out of stock, it is different for all products. The Redmi Note 11 Pro, for example, has disappeared from the AliExpress site. The latter also saw a shortage of stock on the Mi Pad 5, before restocking a small stock. However, this shouldn’t last very long.

Today, there is a lot of talk about out of stock – both in physical stores and on the internet. Offers will therefore be rarer since the number of products made available will be smaller. If you want to fully do business on Black Friday and Single Day, then you will have to rush a bit. In any case, you have 14 days (at least) to change your mind about your purchase and get a refund.

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A series of flash sales this Sunday

Currently, AliExpress is dominating operations at the expense of Amazon. The latter rather waits for the second half of the month to multiply its offers. That said, AliExpress is highly respected and ranks as the fifth largest e-tailer in France. It offers crazy deals on all of the biggest Asian brands. This is the case of Xiaomi or OnePlus for example, which see their prices drop significantly.

If you want to buy a new OnePlus 10 Pro, Mi Pad 5 or Poco X4 Pro, there’s no better time. AliExpress, by its origin, benefits from very favorable conditions with all the major Asian brands. Amazon won’t be able to do as well on Black Friday, that’s obvious. The latter focuses instead on Western brands where it has stronger bargaining power.

This Sunday, we invite you to take a look at each of the major e-tailers to get an idea of ​​the quality of the offers. If you can’t find the time to do this, you can just check out our selection above. We have done everything to identify the best deals of this weekend. The list is updated with the codes (which allow activating the maximum discounts) and with the reductions. In case of out of stock, we remove the reference from our selection as soon as possible.

To start your Black Friday, it’s here:

See offers on AliExpress

See offers on Amazon

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