If you’re looking for a cheaper iPad Pro, this quarter-the-price tablet is crazy


Single Day is underway on AliExpress, the online merchant has been revealing its best offers of the year since Tuesday, November 1. On this occasion, he does not hesitate to display flash sales that target very premium or very attractive references to the public. In the list of the most competitive deals of the day, we find Xiaomi’s excellent Mi Pad 5 tablet at an unbeatable price.

The tablet presents itself as a direct rival of Apple’s iPad Pro thanks to advanced technical features, except that its price is much more aggressive. With the offer put forward by AliExpress on the occasion of Single Day, it is clearly the nugget not to be missed during this special operation. In detail, Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 5 is currently available at a price of only 274 euros instead of 349 euros with the code SDXFR32.

Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 5 is displayed at a reduced price at AliExpress:

I take advantage of the offer

The Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 tablet is a bestseller on AliExpress, it has risen to the Top of sales in its category since its arrival on the market in 2021. In fact, it is regularly out of stock, whether it is discounted or not. At the same time, many users are waiting for the slightest drop in price to jump at the chance to save money on this model. There is therefore no doubt that it can disappear at any time due to lack of available stock. We do not know when we will see the object again at such an attractive price in the weeks or months to come, we therefore recommend that you be reactive.

Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 5, the alternative that rivals the iPad Pro

The Mi Pad 5 has all the arguments to compete with the iPad Pro. This is valid for its technical data sheet, but also for its price placed below the 280 euros mark thanks to Singles Day on AliExpress. In comparison, it should be noted that the Apple tablet comes with a price of around 900 euros on the official site. There is no photo, the version of Xiaomi clearly acts as the best choice on all levels.

First, Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 5 tablet has an 11-inch WQHD+ screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. It even has a True Display mode that allows you to watch series and movies without your eyes hurt even when you are in a dark environment. In addition, there is Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos compatibility for excellent image and sound quality, the latter being coupled with the presence of four speakers.

If the Mi Pad 5 presents itself as an excellent device for entertainment while watching video content, the tablet is not limited to this simple use, because it is also powerful. To operate without any latency when you play mobile games or work with energy-demanding applications, it relies on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 860 chip. This processor promises a smooth and efficient experience, which also makes it a good working tool. In this same case, you can also use the Smart Pen to draw or annotate documents directly on the screen. Other additional accessories also allow you to transform it into a small laptop, such as a keyboard or a mouse.

One of the other qualities of Xiaomi’s Pad 5 also lies in its autonomy. The tablet can last several days in a row without charging thanks to its robust 8,720 mAh battery, it does much better than many competing models on this point. This does not prevent it from remaining light so that it can be easily transported in the bottom of a bag.

I take advantage of the offer

The last strong point of the Xiaomi Pad 5 is its design. The brand has placed a sensor on the front and one on the back in an aesthetic way so that you can take photos or make videotapes, but above all it has bet on a sober and refined aesthetic. The elegance of the device is reminiscent of that of the Apple iPad Pro with beautiful finishes.

Advantages of choosing Xiaomi tablet over AliExpress

Xiaomi’s Mi Pad 5 fully deserves its bestseller status, few models are able to offer such an attractive price-performance ratio. This is even more true with the offer unveiled by AliExpress as part of Black Friday, as it gives you the opportunity to get the precious tablet for less than 280 euros during this special operation. As long as you are quick enough to place an order before the stock runs out, we call it back.

If you order Xiaomi’s Pad 5 right away, AliExpress will deliver the device to you at home or elsewhere within three working days. You don’t have to pay anything extra for shipping, as it is made from a warehouse located in France, which guarantees the speed and free delivery. If in doubt, you have 14 days to return the device free of charge in order to be refunded immediately (100%).

The Mi Pad 5 tablet comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, the same as the official Xiaomi website. It is therefore in your best interest to place an order at AliExpress since the level of services is the same, except that the price is much more attractive at the online merchant for the Single Day.

The Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 tablet is available at a low price on AliExpress:

I take advantage of the offer

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