Apple will shorten the “Hey Siri” voice command, deemed too long


“Hey Siri”, this innocuous command to trigger Apple’s voice command application will soon no longer be required. In any case, this is what we can learn from the latest Power On newsletter from journalist Mark Gurman of Bloomberg.

A welcome development for Siri

According to the latter, Apple is working hard to simplify its service. Concretely, a simple “Siri” should be enough in the future to launch the connected assistant. While this change may seem simple enough, it is not, and significant development is required internally to change this process. The apple brand is thus mobilizing its engineers to develop its AI because it is less obvious that Siri responds to a request following the pronunciation of a single word than two.

This development is a major challenge because it would allow users to chain more orders as is already done on the Amazon side with Alexa or Google. But it will in any case be patient before this change on Siri. It should not be expected before 2023, and it could also be 2024. Proof that this is a real challenge for the Tech giant.

Mark Gurman takes the opportunity to send a wish to the apple brand regarding Siri. He would like users of Apple products to be able to specify which device they want to trigger when using the assistant. It is true that for owners of iPhone, iPad, or HomePod, confusion can sometimes exist.

When Siri eyes Harry Potter

Little by little, Apple is evolving Siri. As part of the iOS and iPad 16 update, welcome new features are offered. This is the case for the possibility of inserting emoticons into your messages, when you dictate them orally.

Similarly, the assistant can send the SMS without you having to confirm the sending. An appreciable saving of time provided that you do not have to make corrections. We also appreciate the fact that Siri can hang up for you during a call in progress.

Sometimes, Siri also sends a few well-felt winks to all pop culture fans. Last January, it was thus possible to impress your loved ones by controlling Siri via spells taken from the Harry Potter saga. By pronouncing terms such as “Lumos Maxima”, you could thus turn on the flashlight, or even “Sonorus” to put the button at 100%. Finally “Quietus” allowed to increase the volume to 50%. You can also read our article on this subject here.

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