IA image creation software arrives on your smartphone


In recent months, we have been witnessing a substantive trend in the field of artificial intelligence. The tools that make it possible to generate an image using a simple written description have indeed tend to multiply. We can for example cite stable diffusion, Midjourney, or Dall-E.

Towards a democratization of image creation by AI?

The latter, created by OpenAI, has just announced a new development which should further contribute to its adoption by the general public. Thus, application developers can now integrate it directly into their products.

The company thus explains in a press release: ” Developers can now integrate Dall-E directly into their applications and products thanks to our API. Over 3 million people already use DALL-E to expand their creativity and accelerate their workflows, generating over 4 million images per day. Developers can start creating with this same technology in a few minutes. »

OpenAI takes the opportunity to announce another important news: users now own the property rights to images created by AI. How can the company guarantee that its tool will not violate certain image rights or prevent drifts from occurring?

Open AI claims on this subject that the property of images is possible thanks ” improvements to our security systems that minimize the possibility of generating content that violates our content policy. »

The company, which was founded by Elon Musk, also wants to reassure those who might be worried about content moderation:

With the lessons we’ve learned from deploying DALL-E to 3 million artists and users worldwide, developers can ship their products with confidence knowing that built-in mitigations, such as Filters for hateful symbols and gore, will manage the difficult aspects of moderation.

IA -generating AIs are still far from infallible

It is important to remember that these AIs are still perfectible. Some have fun. We recently told you about this gallery of improbable creations listed on a Discord discussion called “failed-diffusions”. You can see gross errors made by these generators. If this subject interests you, you can always reread our article here.

For your part, have you ever tested AI such as Dall-E and Midjourney, and if so, what did you think? Tell us in the comments.

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