Telegram is doing a major overhaul, here are all the news


Competition between courier services is increasingly fierce. While Google is betting everything on RCS messages, integrated directly into the Android Messages application, and WhatsApp has just launched its “Communities”, Telegram is also announcing a lot of new features.

And like WhatsApp, Telegram has decided to put some order in group messages, which sometimes tend to become anarchic, when there are too many participants.

Indeed, among the novelties announced by Telegram, there are the “topics” in the groups. Groups with more than 200 members can now create topics, in order to subdivide discussions into several separate spaces. Thus, a group specializing in video games can, for example, create a subject for each title, so that the discussions are more readable.

Telegram news

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By launching this feature, Telegram is offering something similar to what WhatsApp just launched. And at the same time, the app opens up to new uses, while positioning itself as a serious competitor for Discord and Slack, which have made these organized discussions a trademark.

Usernames you can sell as NFTs

Without using the term NFT, Telegram also announces a function called “collectible usernames”. Email usernames work much like internet domain names. And these can be collected, or sold.

Collectible usernames are 5 character names. And some, like @news, @games, etc. can be very valuable.

According to Telegram, when you own one of these names, you have full control over it. And you will be able to associate several names to your account. In addition, everything is secured via the TON blockchain, hence the comparison with NFTs.

Telegram news

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A novelty for premium users

As you may already know, Telegram offers a free version, and a paid version which gives access to more features. And as part of its big update, Messaging is rolling out a new feature for premium subscription customers only.

This is the transcription of video messages. In fact, it is an extension of an already existing function for these premium subscribers.

Today, when a premium subscriber receives an audio message, this one can automatically convert this message into text when he does not have the possibility of listening. And now it also works for video messages.

Emoji, text size and night mode

Also for premium users, Telegram also offers 12 new batches of emojis. And for all iOS app users (premium and free), the app has improved night mode, with better color balance and blurring effects.

Telegram news

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But Telegram has not forgotten Android users since they can take advantage of a new parameter to increase the size of all texts.

With this series of new features, especially with the launch of topics, Telegram shows that it is a credible alternative to WhatsApp. Regarding this novelty, which will bring order to group chats, Telegram indicates that it will soon launch new functions for administrators. Messaging also provides new features for small groups, which do not have access to “topics”.

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