The French solution Photoroom wants to compete with Photoshop thanks to AI


The Photoroom application is trying to find a place in a market dominated by Adobe’s untouchable solution: Photoshop. In the world of photo editing it is very difficult to get started (not to say suicidal) without having a way to distinguish yourself from Adobe software.

With Photoroom, founded in 2019, the idea is to do photo editing very easily. The user is guided through the process by deep learning algorithms that transform pixels into objects. It has just announced a series A fundraising of 19 million dollars.

Widely used by e-merchants, this solution makes it possible to edit the image in a totally automated way. A significant time saver for contractors who generally have to use several workstations within their project. Today Photoromm announces having exceeded the bar of 40 million downloads.

A fundraiser to change status

During this fundraising, the young company was able to count on the support of its historical investor Adjacent as well as several business angles such as Yann le Cun, the man behind the development of AI at Facebook who was one of the first men to implement deep leraning.

Significant support who know the field very well and who are real pledges of confidence for the rest of the Photoroom project. Founded by Eliot Andres and Matthieu Rouif, this solution now hopes to compete with several photography editing solutions.

An already profitable application?

Although very young, the solution shows itself to be already mature. The two founders of Photoroom ensure that their model is already profitable. Another figure that must have greatly reassured investors, Photoroom’s web and mobile application has more than 6 million monthly active users.

A very impressive figure for such a young company. Its growth in the coming quarters will therefore be closely monitored. On the business side, we are assured that this investment will make it possible to achieve great things. The company intends to develop its Parisian studio. With these 19 million dollars, the recruitment of ten people is planned in the coming weeks.

Photoroom: the French alternative to compete with Photoshop?

Today Photoroom allows users to edit an image for free. It is possible to delete or clip a person or to float the background thanks to the AI. Paid features, billed at €9.99 per month or €39.99 per year, allow you to edit photos in series or even resize them “intelligently”.

The idea is thus to replace photo shoot sessions with professionals which can cost hundreds of euros. With photoroom, the two French people behind the project want above all to make known alternatives to the great Photoshop which today dominates the photo editing market with no real competition.

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