Ecological scandal, Facebook’s Metavers helmet is impossible to repair


Just launched, the new VR headset Meta Quest Pro is a real nugget of technology. The beast’s LCD panel has a 37% higher pixel density than previously (1,800 by 1,920 pixels at 90 Hz), with 156 internal storage and 12 GB of RAM. The processor is also a Snapdragon XR2+, offering unparalleled performance among all HMDs from Facebook’s parent company. Recharging, meanwhile, reaches 45 watts of power.

But there is a but: if you damage the device after buying it, you will still have to go to the cash register to repair it (the prices of the service are not public). Because if you try it yourself, you run the risk of damaging the system even more, or even simply rendering it unusable. This is what the magazine explains iFixit in a new video shared on his YouTube channel, where we discover how the manual repair of the Quest Pro is very, very difficult.

Meta Quest Pro

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The best source on the subject

If we choose here the example ofiFixit, it is because it is one of the most reliable on the subject. Indeed, the site specializes in the dismantling of electronic equipment of this ilk, its greatest reputation based on the hundreds of smartphones tested since its inception. And with the Meta Quest 2, the opinion of our colleagues is unanimous: the helmet is “largely irreparable“. Which has the merit of being clear. Among what we can blame him for, we can notably mention a curved battery, which is quite rare since the end of mobiles of this shape.

Another downside: screws, lots of screws. One hundred and forty-six, to be exact. As well as a lot of cables of all kinds. For iFixitthis is one of the teardowns the most complicated that they have in fact been given the opportunity to achieve, all products combined. By way of comparison, the same source explained to us a few months earlier that they had a slightly more favorable opinion regarding the second generation Apple Watch SE. The products of the apple firm are however often considered to be among the most tenacious.

Meta Quest Pro Pricing and Availability

By buying it in France, the Meta Quest Pro virtual reality headset returns to €1,799.99. For this price, owners receive not only the mount but also two Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers to control the interface as well as a charging cable, an adapter and a pair of wrist straps. Users then have up to thirty days to return the product if they don’t like it.

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