Genius Elon Musk must finally recall Twitter employees fired “by mistake”


Friday, November 4, Twitter now owned by Elon Musk asked all employees to stay at home, waiting for an email that would tell them whether or not they remain employees of the company. Beyond the magnitude of the number of departures (we are talking about more than 3,700 departures, or half of the employees of the social network) the method itself did not fail to astound employees and observers.

No question, in fact, of having the staff go through individual interviews. Instead, an email told them that they would receive the news immediately without further ado. Those who remain received the message in their Twitter mailbox, while the others saw all their access immediately withdrawn, and received their dismissal email in their personal mailbox.

Elon Musk obviously went too fast on Friday by firing 50% of Twitter

Many stakeholders have actually realized that they will no longer be part of the workforce, unsuccessfully attempting to log into their work computer, Slack account, or even trying to scan their badge to enter company premises such as Numerous messages on the social network bear witness to this.

However, apparently, Twitter is returning this Monday to dozens of cases, we learn from Bloomberg on November 7, 2022. According to the daily, some employees were dismissed by mistake, while for others the decision was taken by HR managers before realizing that they would be essential to achieve the transformations wanted by Elon Musk.

A look back that says a lot about the speed with which these decisions were made. For the time being, it is not known whether or not all the employees in question have agreed to return to the company’s workforce. Over the weekend, in fact, many interested parties announced via their Twitter account their intention to use competing social networks like Mastodon and Discord instead.

Elon Musk only completed his $44 billion Twitter takeover a week earlier. The entrepreneur owner of the social network then immediately named himself CEO and took the company out of the stock market. To mark his arrival, he then tweeted “I am entering the premises of Twitter” followed by a pun on the English expression “let that sink in” (“take the time to realize what this implies” , or verbatim “let the sink in”), followed by a video showing Elon Musk entering the premises of Twitter with a sink.


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