How to send high resolution images on WhatsApp?


When you share an image or video on a social network or messaging service, it’s not uncommon for the platform to compress your image. This reduces the quality, but in return, this image will be sent faster.

And WhatsApp, the instant messaging service, is no exception. But the good news is that today, it is possible to configure the application so that your recipients receive better quality images.

How to set WhatsApp to send high resolution photos?

By default, WhatsApp has an “auto” mode, when it comes to the quality of the images you send. To change this:

  • Open the WhatsApp app
  • Open the app menu (the three dots aligned vertically, top, right)
  • Open Settings
  • Choose Data & storage usage
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap Photo upload quality
  • You just have to change the “Auto” setting to “Optimal quality”
WhatsApp high quality images

By default, WhatsApp uses an auto mode. But you can choose to send images with optimal quality. (Screenshot on WhatsApp)

  • Once this change has been validated, all you have to do is send your photos. But this time, WhatsApp will optimize the sending so that these photos are of good quality. The disadvantage is that sending may be slower, especially if you have a bad network.

You can also send the image as a document

If you don’t want to change WhatsApp settings, or if you want to send a really large image and you don’t want it compressed, you can also send a “document”.

Indeed, the messaging app allows you to exchange attachments. And the new limit for the size of these documents is 2 GB.

Thus, you can use the messaging service to exchange large files, without going through a third-party service such as WeTransfer or Google Drive.

Here’s how to send an image as a document, so it’s not compressed:

  • When composing your message, instead of tapping the camera icon, tap the paperclip, for attachments
  • Then, choose the “Document” format
WhatsApp high quality images

Choose the Document format so that the image is not modified. (Screenshot on WhatsApp)

  • Above the list of documents that appears, tap “Browse other documents”
  • Then you just have to find the image you want to send, and select it, then send.
  • The file will then be sent as a document, without a preview. And WhatsApp will keep the original file size.
WhatsApp high quality images

Image sent as a document. (Screenshot on WhatsApp)

On the other hand, for files that exceed WhatsApp’s limit for attachments, you will still have to go through a third-party cloud service.

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