It’s Single Day and Roborock is blowing up the prices of its vacuum cleaners


Single Day is fast approaching on AliExpress. To celebrate this major e-commerce event, Roborock is unveiling exceptional promotions. Three vacuum cleaners benefit from incredible reductions. Until November 11, you can save several hundred euros. Robot vacuums or vacuum cleaners, the choice is yours!

While all of this sounds great, remember that these great deals are temporary and available until supplies run out. You better be responsive if you want to treat yourself to a competitive robot vacuum cleaner or Roborock’s very first vacuum cleaner. Hurry up to enjoy!

The S7, the safe bet of Roborock

With its S7, Roborock promises to simplify your life. This robot vacuum doesn’t just suck up dust, it also mops with its new sonic vibration technology. As a result, your floors are impeccable in all circumstances. Today, Roborock’s S7 stands out as a must-have robot vacuum cleaner on the market.

The Roborock S7 is adorned with the best features of Roborock to clean your floors in depth. They have, in particular, ultrasonic sensors that are able to map your home. Even if you have several floors! Tireless, he displays a 3 hour battery life. It has a powerful and efficient suction system to collect all the dust that litters your floors. As for its sonic vibration technology, it scrubs the floor up to 3000 times per minute to scrub your interior and clean your floors thoroughly.

This premium robot vacuum has it all. Even its price. Displayed at 631.99 euros in normal times, it is granted an immediate discount of 37% during Single Day and comes back to you at only 398.15 euros until November 11. This is a golden offer that absolutely should not be missed. Your floors will thank you!

I take advantage of the offer on AliExpress

The S7 Pro Ultra, the future of household according to Roborock

If you want to offer yourself the top of the basket when it comes to robot vacuum cleaners, we advise you to fall for the excellent S7 Pro Ultra. Released just a few months ago, this is one of the best premium robot vacuum cleaners of 2022. Being able to afford it at a discount during Single Day is a real bargain.

Roborock S7 Pro Ultra

© Roborock

Roborock’s S7 Pro Ultra takes care of sucking up dirt and cleaning your floors thoroughly. Its suction power of 5100 Pa is simply exceptional since it allows the device to leave nothing behind. Featuring VibraRise® technology, this robot vacuum cleaner efficiently mops. It scrubs the floors with intensity. Its 3000 brush strokes per minute make short work of encrusted stains. Of course, the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra is able to map your dwelling accurately and quickly, as well as avoiding all obstacles in its path.

But even better, the S7 Pro Ultra is extremely autonomous thanks to its innovative smart station. You no longer have to empty the dust container after each use, clean the mop or refill the water tank yourself. This saves time and energy.

Until November 11, the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra drops to 899.40 euros instead of 1499 euros, which represents an immediate discount of 40%. Being able to take advantage of this nugget at this mini price is incredible, it would be a shame to miss it.

I take advantage of the offer on AliExpress

The Dyad, the phenomenal vacuum cleaner

Last year, Roborock presented its very first vacuum cleaner: the Dyad. Much more than a stick vacuum, it vacuums, cleans and dries your floors. With it, your interior will be cleaner than clean right up to the edges of the walls. Three rollers rotate in opposite directions to do a perfect job without you having to strain. Even embedded dirt can’t stand up to Roborock’s Dyad.

Roborock Dyad mop vacuum

© Roborock

Its 5000 mAh capacity battery gives it relevant autonomy: this innovative vacuum-scrubber tackles cleaning for 35 minutes without interruption, up to 280 m2 of surface area. You are calm. Cherry on the cake ? Roborock’s Dyad cleans itself after completing its task. A simple touch of the finger is enough for the rollers to clean themselves. The mop-vacuum promises you to do the cleaning effortlessly and in a single pass.

For a few more days, Roborock’s Dyad collapses to 243.53 euros instead of 529.41 euros. This is a 54% reduction, which is simply extraordinary. You’ll be hard pressed to find better, that’s for sure. Again, you’re going to have to be quick if you hope to take advantage of it. Stocks are melting like snow in the sun so hurry up and get the Dyad at the best price before it’s too late.

I take advantage of the offer on AliExpress

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