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If Black Friday officially takes place at the end of November, several merchants have decided to get ahead. Since the beginning of the week, AliExpress and Amazon have multiplied flash offers to the point that everything goes: smartphones, tablets, vacuum cleaners, computers, software, etc.

AliExpress and Amazon are known for the quality of their offers during the month of November and on Black Friday. This year again, they are honoring their notoriety with a new edition full of surprises. Even the most attractive references the rest of the time are targeted by offers of up to -50%.

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Black Friday and Single Day top deals:

To see the offers on AliExpress, it’s here:

See offers on AliExpress

The month of November and its Black Friday are governed by rules that you need to know to make the most of savings. We are therefore going to give you some tips so that you can make the most of this event while doing business on the biggest brands. In the list, we find the Emma mattresses, the NordVPN software or the brands OnePlus, Xiaomi, and Roborock.

How to take advantage of early Black Friday?

While Black Friday hasn’t officially kicked off yet, there have already been several stock-outs since the start of the week at Amazon and AliExpress, with even more stock-outs expected by the end of this Wednesday. We therefore advise you to take the opportunity to do business without delay so as not to miss the biggest nuggets of this operation. At the same time, you can also add this page to your favorites, we update the list of the best deals regularly.

Black Friday takes place on the last Friday of November and then the following weekend at online merchants. However, all start offerings earlier and earlier over the years, so it’s best to get ahead of the game rather than risk waiting for everyone to jump on the offers at the same time. Especially since there are already offers in AliExpress for the Single Day or on Amazon

On the other hand, AliExpress always displays a flash sale accompanied by a special code for Singles Day, which is not the case on the Amazon site. Sometimes you are also entitled to a seller’s coupon to save a few extra euros. In any case, you must add the promo code and the coupon before confirming your order, because this is how you will be sure to be entitled to the most attractive price on the offer that interests you.

Single Day, a major event

To this we must add that the ogre AliExpress does not officially play on Black Friday. Indeed, the merchant focuses on its own event: the Single Day, which takes place every year during November. It is during this period that it displays its best prices. This year, the operation is held from November 1 to 12, 2022. This is a change, as the special operation is usually held on November 11 and 12 only.

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The Single Day is the biggest special operation in the world, it takes place at AliExpress exclusively. The official date of the event is 11.11, in reference to the Singles Day which takes place on this date in Asia, this one echoing the number 1 for the individuality of each one. From now on, it’s a ritual with the merchant, he always reveals offers of madness to the point that he exceeded 84.5 billion dollars in turnover last year on this single day. This volume even exceeds that achieved by Amazon during Black Friday.

It’s only been a few years since Singles Day has taken place in France also during the same month as Black Friday, as AliExpress has made inroads into this new market not long ago. Success is there for the online merchant, because it stands out alongside e-commerce heavyweights like Amazon or Cdiscount. To do this, it has not only bet on this special operation with attractive prices, it has gone even further by counting on a top-of-the-range service that is at the level of its counterparts.

A safety net for Black Friday

Whether it’s Black Friday or not, Amazon and others always offer relevant benefits to accompany their products. The first is free and fast delivery, which is done within a few working days at no additional cost. Note that this is also valid for AliExpress, which delivers via warehouses located in France.

On the other hand, AliExpress, Amazon and the others also comply with the withdrawal period. This period is mandatory in France, because online merchants must offer customers a second chance so that they can make a return if they want to change their mind. In this case, you have between 14 days and 30 days depending on the site to make an order without charge or proof, after which you are fully reimbursed on the product.

Single Day and Black Friday deals are available here:

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