Porsche exceeds a symbolic milestone with its electric car


It has been three years since Porsche entered the electric car market, marketing its Taycan. At the end of 2022, the German manufacturer is very proud to claim the success of this 100% electric model, announcing that it has exceeded the milestone of 100,000 units assembled. The model in question is a Porsche Taycan Turbo S in Neptune Blue, which will very soon be delivered to its lucky owner on the UK side.

The 100,000th Porsche Taycan has left the factory!

Pending the arrival on the market of new electric models (in particular the small Macan SUV), Porsche is today pleased with the success of its Taycan. The electric sedan is today the one and only zero-emission model offered by Porsche, and is available in three versions, namely sedan, Sport Turismo and finally Cross Turismo. Enough to seduce many followers of the firm to migrate from thermal motorization to electric. A Porsche Taycan offered in France from 91,055 euros, with a 300 kW electric motor on board, or around 410 hp.

We are very pleased to have reached this important milestone in production history so quickly, despite the recent challenges posed by the shortage of semiconductors and the Covid pandemic. With Taycan, we have signed a resolutely successful start into the electric era.“, explains Kevin Giek, vice president of the Taycan model line.

Porsche Taycan

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Porsche indicates that the preferred markets for its Taycan are the United States, China, but also the United Kingdom. Obviously, despite its “electric” side, the Porsche Taycan remains a real sports car, and the manufacturer is responsible for recalling for the umpteenth time that the vehicle holds the Nürburgring lap record for a 100% electric model, with a time of 7 minutes. and 33 seconds.

Also, Porsche indicates that many customers have already exceeded the 100,000 km mark in their Porsche Taycan. This is the case of Jean-Hubert Revolon, for example, a Lyon owner whose Porsche Taycan 4S acquired in August 2020 has 188,119 km on the clock.

Guillaume Takvorian from Marseille is also one of the lucky owners of a Porsche Taycan 4S, his vehicle having already covered more than 114,000 km. What underline the reliable and enduring side of the vehicle according to Porsche, with which we had moreover traveled more than 500 km on a single charge.

It should also be remembered that, like other modern and connected vehicles, the Porsche Taycan is able to accommodate updates, generally making it possible to add functionalities. But these updates can also improve the performance of the cars in question. Indeed, the next update to come at the beginning of next year will allow the electric cars signed Porsche to gain between 3 and 14% of additional autonomy. The most significant increase goes to the Porsche Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo (the new estate version), which will gain 50 kilometers on a single charge via this future update.

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