Should we fall for the new GoPro Mini (Hero11)?


Waiting for GoPro for a few weeks, the action camera brand finally came back this morning with a press release to announce the start of the marketing of the GoPro Hero11 Black Mini. This more compact version of the camera has finally reached the official store after several weeks of delay, probably due to supply problems. Should we prefer it to the classic version? It costs 100 euros less, a nice advantage… But other differences between the GoPro Hero11 Black and the Hero11 Black Mini might interest you. We take stock.

Cons of the GoPro Hero11 Black Mini

Let’s start with the features that are problematic with the new compact action camera. To reduce its size, GoPro has eliminated the screens, both front and rear. Inevitably, to offer such a format, it was necessary. But this is not the only reason for this deletion. Contrary to what DJI proposed, GoPro prefers not to equip its cubic format camera with small screens in order to maintain good autonomy.

Speaking of battery, the format still forced engineers to reduce its capacity. It offers 1500 mAh when the standard GoPro Hero11 offers 1720 mAh. Another drawback is that the battery of the GoPro Hero11 Black Mini is not removable. Unlike the classic version, you will therefore not be able to take several batteries with you. You will have to recharge the camera directly.

The lack of a screen will force you to go through the app to configure specific points. This is not necessarily disturbing, unless you are used to changing modes quickly, especially in terms of camera resolution and the number of frames per second. Last point to note, the GoPro Hero11 Black Mini does not have a dedicated photo mode. That’s not to say you can’t take photos like on the GoPro Hero11 Black, but the small, compact camera will snap screenshots of your videos to bring out photos.

A disadvantage and not the least, the new generation of GoPro Hero11 is almost at the same level of the Hero10. Therefore, it may be more interesting for you to choose the older generation of the camera, the price of which has fallen sharply in recent months. Today, you can find the GoPro Hero10 Black for the price of a GoPro Hero11 Black Mini.

GoPro Hero10 Black at the best price
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Go Pro Hero11 Black Mini videos

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The advantages of the GoPro Hero11 Black Mini

Now let’s talk about the strengths of this small action camera. The first, of course, is its price. It is not necessarily “mini”, but for a reduction of 100 euros on the bill, you can only be a taker. The GoPro Hero11 Black Mini is launched at a price of 449.99 euros, where the standard GoPro Hero11 costs 549.99 euros. As usual with the brand, it is possible to pay less thanks to the GoPro subscription. The latter costs 50 euros per year, gives you unlimited backup on the GoPro cloud and lowers the price of the products. Thus, the GoPro Hero11 Black Mini goes to only 349.99 euros.

On the side of the technical advantages, there is the absence of a difference in the quality of shooting of the camera compared to the classic version. The GoPro Hero11 Black Mini can shoot up to 5.3K at 60fps. It does not weaken in 4K, with a slow motion mode at 120 frames per second. To reach 240 frames per second, the GoPro Hero11 Black Mini can film in 2.7K. Same observation with stabilization, just as good as on the standard camera. All the other goodies of the latest iteration of the GoPro Hero are there, like horizon leveling.

Go Pro Hero11 Black Mini

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Some might even prefer this Mini version thanks to its size and weight. If you use your action camera on a helmet, or even on a drone, the GoPro Hero11 Black Mini may be more interesting. It weighs only 133 grams, compared to 154 grams for the standard GoPro Hero11 Black. The camera is also waterproof, up to 10 meters deep without a housing (the DJI Action 2 did not allow this). It is also resistant to falls, shocks, dust… and finally, even with a smaller battery, its autonomy is sufficiently controlled not to be a handicap compared to the GoPro Hero11 Black in the standard format.

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