Tesla recalls 40,000 cars: what you need to know


Bad timing for Elon Musk. While the richest man in the world has just sold for 4 billion dollars of Tesla shares, we learned that 40,000 vehicles of the company are recalled in the United States.

Increased risk of accident

In concrete terms, these are mainly Model S and Model X launched between 2017 and 2021. The manufacturer will take care to contact all the owners concerned by e-mail by December 31 next.

In detail, it is the power steering which is in question. This especially happens when cars drive over potholes or rough roads. The system then experiences damage, and according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), this can deprive drivers of the necessary assistance at the wheel, and create certain risks of accidents.

Everything is actually part of an update that caused problems. Tesla teams have since found a solution, and according to the company, 97% of recalled vehicles have already installed an update that provides a fix.

But this new recall is not good news for Tesla. Elon Musk’s company is thus in 17th place since the beginning of the year, or 3.4 million vehicles in all. As always, these cases are publicized and it is never good for the brand image.

Several iconic recalls for Tesla this year

Some cases have caught our attention recently. This is the case with the recall of the Cyberquad for Kids. The 5,000 vehicles involved allegedly failed to meet several federal standards regarding mechanical suspension or maximum tire pressure.

This vehicle should never have been sold in the United States because it did not have an ATV plan. This is the document that indicates how the Cyberquad is built, and what safety standards it meets.

We also told you last September about this recall involving 1.1 million vehicles. This time it was the obstacle detection system that was in question, and the latter did not always engage correctly. This exposes drivers to the risk of finger injury.

Tesla then wanted to be reassuring by explaining: “ Tesla technicians identified the performance of the automatic window reversing system exhibited greater than expected variations in response to pinch detection. ” Updates were then applied to rectify the situation.

The cars concerned were in particular: Model 3 built between 2017 and 2022, Model Y (2020-2021), Model S (2021-2022) as well as Model X (2021-2022).

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