Who is Arkunir, this 20-year-old Frenchman stronger than Elon Musk on Twitter


If the name Arkunir perhaps means something to you, it is that he had already been talked about in France during confinement. He has indeed managed to challenge President Emmanuel Macron with a challenge: if the president responded to his Tweet he would commit to doing a stream on Twitch in which he would cross the planet in street view on Google Maps.

And to his surprise, the President of the Republic then replied “Banco” – and he therefore executed (the live lasted a total of 12.5 hours). But the streamer’s latest feat is on a whole different scale. Indeed, twice, he managed to “ratio” tweets from Elon Musk himself.

Arkinator managed to ratio Elon Musk’s tweets twice in a row

A ratio is when a reply to a tweet gets more likes or retweets than the original tweet. When a ratio succeeds, it implicitly implies that the followers do not agree with, or are interested in, the original tweet. Which therefore usually shows that they don’t like the original tweet.

Monday, November 7, 2022, Elon Musk launches this tweet: “What would you call someone who is a master of provocation?”. The entrepreneur seems to be referring to the provocations of all kinds that he posted in recent months on Twitter, before taking control after his $44 billion takeover.

Twenty minutes later, Arkunir answers him in English. “I don’t know, but call it ratio”. An incisive answer which actually earned him a successful ratio with more than 72,000 likes in less than 40 minutes against just over 72,000 likes in 50 minutes for the original tweet.

Extremely rare, the entrepreneur then preferred to delete his tweet. An unexpected victory for Arkunir, who launches following on his account:

But the following ratio seems to have put Elon Musk in his place a little. He was responding to a tweet from the entrepreneur posted on Tuesday. It reads, translated from English: “Twitter is the worst! But also the best”. Arkunir, then throw “what is your point ? Take a ratio again and don’t delete your tweet this time.

To succeed, the streamer seems to have had the support of many of his followers and fans. But his response seems to have pleased well beyond the borders of France, as evidenced by the number of likes and retweets.

This time, the entrepreneur didn’t delete the tweet – and the streamer’s ratio, second in a row against Elon Musk’s tweets, seems the new record to be broken on the platform.


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