Some car parks are now required to install solar panels


The question had been raised for several weeks, now it is resolved. the Senate has just adopted article 11 of the bill on the acceleration of renewable energies, which aims to equip more car parks with photovoltaic panels. More specifically, the new text requires outdoor spaces with more than eighty places to have adequate roofs. These systems, which simply cover the seats without requiring any additional surface area, are already in place next to a good number of shopping centers in France.

To deploy the device, the legislators have planned a fairly broad schedule. Indeed, the compliance period is three years for car parks with more than four hundred spaces. A deadline that climbs to five years when the places concerned are less extensive.

What advantages?

For customers, these changes will help ensure park your vehicle in the shade, including during periods of high heat. However, we know that these are precisely more and more frequent because of human activity, which pollutes. This is also the whole point of the maneuver: to make a definite gesture for the climate, by favoring the creation of electricity from renewable sources. More sustainable than fossil fuels and less dangerous than nuclear production, this asset does not always convince buyers on the consumer automobile market.

For installers, the benefit is twofold: on the one hand, it is therefore a question of offering more pleasant car parks to their consumers. Also protecting from rain and the impurities that it can carry. On the other hand, the solar panel is a source of performance to be resold to authorized distributors, or to be injected directly into the company’s equipment. But it will be necessary to pay the price: count “on average €2,500 to €5,000 per kWp” (Engie figures).

Beware of penalties!

If the companies concerned do not respect the framework of the law, it will be necessary to proceed to the cash register. In this case, operators will have to pay fine of fifty euros per uncovered parking space, each month. The decision-makers will still have to definitively validate this addendum, which still has a good chance of being adopted according to our colleagues from Public Senate.

Certain criteria make it possible to exclude several types of land, including car parks for heavyweight over 7.5 tons. It’s not the cleanest though…

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