Apple raises prices but lowers many others


Like other brands, Apple offers its own mobile take-back program. Trade In (that’s its name) offers you a voucher that can reach several hundred euros when you return your old device to get a new, new one, from the same brand. Beyond cell phones, computers, connected watches and tablets are also affected.

But just a few hours ago, the Californian firm chose to update all of its trade-in prices. For better and especially for worse. On the iPhone side, nothing changes (at least for the moment): you can for example obtain up to 760 euros by returning your iPhone 13 Pro Max, provided that it is in good condition, without scratches or technical defects. For an iPhone SE 2, the amount reaches up to 145 euros under the same conditions. And for a “classic” iPhone 13, you will be entitled to a maximum of 490 euros.

Bad news for iPads and Watches!

On the tablet side, however, the situation is less glorious. Apple has indeed chosen to lower the recovery price ofabsolutely all its ranges, starting with the iPad Pro which goes from 590 euros (maximum) to 555 euros (maximum). As for the iPad Air, the drop reached -15 euros. Ditto for the basic iPads, while the iPad minis lose 5 euros on the bonus.

With the Apple Watch, the manufacturer has also chosen to offer you a lower voucher. The Series 7, for example, offers you up to 180 euros on trade-in, or 30 euros less than before. With the Apple Watch SE (first generation), we go from 95 euros to 70 euros. As for the Apple Watch Series 3, it’s simply over: the manufacturer no longer accepts it for trade-in. It must be said that the product dates all the same from September 2017 and that it was completely withdrawn from the stalls this year.

Better for some Macs

For you, however, Apple has indeed raised the recovery rate for some of its items. It’s about Macs. The Macbook Pro thus go from a maximum of 770 euros to 790 euros, while the Macbook Air earn 30 euros bonus. No change for single MacBooks or Mac Pros, though. But a significant drop concerns the iMac Pro, which also arrived in 2017: from 1,130 euros of recovery to the maximum, we now go to 700 euros only.

To take advantage of Apple Trade-In offers, it’s right here. The discounts are also offered when ordering a product from the official Apple Store website.

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