For the World Cup, Sorare invites you to play football with Zidane


While the cryptocurrency market is in full swing, Sorare continues to do well. After a historic partnership signed with the NBA, the French platform has just announced a brand new gameplay to celebrate the World Cup. Open to all and free, it allows you to win exceptional gifts, including a match of five with Zinédine Zidane:

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An unprecedented event with more than €70,000 in rewards

To understand everything about the basic mechanics of Sorare, we invite you to read our complete test. For the World Cup, a new unprecedented competition is appearing: the Global Cup. Completely free, it is open to all people registered on the platform.

The points system is the same as paid competitions, but the choice of player changes. By entering the competition, you are entitled to a “budget” of 100 points. It allows you to recruit 8 players of your choice, their “cost” increasing according to their quality.

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Then you can use 5 of these 8 players for each day of the Global Cup (7 in total). For each participation, you will automatically win a “Common National Series” card which you can then use in free Sorare competitions. For the top 100,000 in the ranking, a “National Series” trading card will also be won. These cannot be used in Sorare championships, but can be resold or exchanged like Panini cards.

The top 5,000 will receive Limited cards (which can be played in classic competitions, and/or resold). The top 3 will win respectively 1, 2 or 3 ETH. If you’re new to Sorare, it’s a unique opportunity to quickly set up a club without having to invest.

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A five with Zizou, does that tell you?

But in addition to bi-weekly competitions, Sorare will hold a general classification. At the end of the World Cup, the 5 best in the general classification will have right to a unique experience with Zinédine Zidane in Marseille.

Sorare Global Cup

The winnings of the Global Cup © Sorare

Players placed from there 6th to 10th place will receive 2 tickets each for VIP matches. The top 10 will also share the sum of 17 ETHand those placed from 11th to 100th place will be entitled to jerseys autographed by Sorare ambassadors.

Sorare also takes the opportunity to launch private leagues, as Mon Petit Gazon does. One hundred users will be drawn at the end of the competition and will also be entitled to a free jersey.

To participate, all you have to do is open an account on Sorare, create your starting team here, then make your line-up in each competition. The first begins on November 20, so be quick to compose your draft and make the best choices. Here is a complete tutorial to make your teams:

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