there will be sequels but on one condition


Tick ​​tock tick tock, time to leave from Avatar: The Waterway to the cinema is fast approaching. It is indeed from next December 14 that the film will be broadcast in French cinemas. Inevitably, James Cameron is very busy these days, and he is launched in a major promotional campaign.

James Cameron wonders about Avatar sequels

And it is therefore at the bend of an interview granted to our colleagues from Total Movie that the filmmaker has addressed the question of possible sequels to this feature film. While four new films are in preparation, nothing is yet played according to him.

He explains thus: Ok, we end the story with a 3rd film, and no need to go further if it’s not profitable “. The legend of the seventh art immediately adds: “ The world has changed since we wrote those films. There have been two successive blows: the pandemic and the rise of streaming. Or maybe the other way around, people will remember what it’s like to go to the cinema. The film provokes that, it recalls what the experience of the cinema provides. But the question is: does it really matter to people now? »

In fact, a certain weariness seems to affect James Cameron. He explained to the magazine Empire that he could pass the torch to another director: “ I have other things in development that are exciting. I think over time – I don’t know if it’s after three or four movies – I’ll want to hand over to a director I trust to take over, so that I can make other things that interest me too. Or maybe not. I do not know. »

Trolls just have to “shut their mouths”

James Cameron has already spoken about the potential risks for this Avatar 2. He notably cited the case of toxic Internet users who could be tempted to down the film. Quite unsubtly, he warned them: The trolls will have a good time saying that nobody cares and that they no longer remember the names of the characters or the slightest thing that happened in the film…. Then they’ll see the original again and say, “Oh, excuse me, I’m going to shut my mouth right now.” So I’m not worried about it about it. »

For your part, do you plan to go see Avatar 2 at the cinema? Tell us in the comments.

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