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It’s a partnership that is surprising: Tesla has just announced, on Reddit (!), that Zoom has completed a Dashboard-enabled app of its vehicles. It was expected, but the publisher demonstrated it at a conference on Tuesday. And the least we can say is that the result is striking, especially on a slab as imposing as the one that equips the front of Elon Musk’s cars. Of course, you will have to be content to use the functionality only when stationary. The autonomous driving capabilities of the cars in question are not yet sufficiently developed to go further. In any case, in the opinion of the authorities which govern the file in Europe.

This solution will be an opportunity to capitalize on the Tesla front camera, installed just above the rear-view mirror. A sensor which until now offered above all a certain guarantee of security as to theAutopilot precisely, but it was already announced that third-party developers would have access to it. Potentially, today’s announcement is the door open to many other providers such as Apple (FaceTime), Google (Meet) or Microsoft (Teams).

Zoom + Tesla from teslamotors

Privacy, no thanks

The announcement of the collaboration between Tesla and Zoom is nonetheless surprising. We know that the manufacturer likes to defend its systems against attacks as much as possible, going so far as to hire the best hackers on the planet to do this. Surprising, therefore, to see the firm trust Zoom, pinned over and over again for its more than questionable management of our personal data. To make it short, it is even rumored that the platform offers backdoors wide open to China.

Convenient, or useless?

Clearly, the arrival of Zoom in Teslas will however delight drivers and passengers who are fans of on-the-fly meetings. And God knows that there are many among the population who are interested in such means of transport, at the top of technology and capable of delivering their promises in the blink of an eye. Comforttime saving, profitability: you know the song.

Despite everything, the Zoom app available on mobile may struggle to convince its users to switch to the big screen if it is a question of changing their habits, especially daily ones. With CarPlay, Apple can take advantage of the advantages of Handoff so as not to miss a crumb of his call by changing devices. But the integrations of the competition are not yet as advanced: we are waiting to see.

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