Which iPad to choose in 2022?


We have arrived at the end of 2022 and Apple has finished expanding its iPad catalog. There are therefore today 5 ranges of iPad, some cut for entertainment, others for professionals, and another for lovers of compact formats.

Buying an iPad also represents a budget, which does not make the decision easy. It is also increasingly difficult to see the differences from one model to another, especially in terms of uses.

We have therefore concocted you a complete guide to choosing your iPad in 2022.

iPad Pro M2: the ultimate

iPad Pro 2020

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Apple hasn’t changed the recipe for its iPad Pro much this year. On the program of novelties, the integration of an M2 chip and some additional features that do not upset everyday life.

But even if this new generation does not revolutionize the genre, the iPad Pro M2 is still the best iPad available today. But also the most expensive.

As indicated by his name, the iPad Pro is aimed at professionals, particularly in the creative professions. It perfectly combines mobility and productivity and the applications available on the App Store can even replace a PC for most uses.

Still, to take advantage of the iPad Pro, you must also equip it with accessories, which are also sold at exorbitant prices. The Apple Pencil or the Magic Keyboard cost a small fortune, so the complete paraphernalia costs more than a MacBook Air M2 for example. As a professional, you should therefore clearly identify your needs in order to choose between an iPad Pro M2 or a MacBook.

The iPad Pro M2 is for you if:

  • Are you a professional
  • you have (very) comfortable finances
  • you have clearly identified your needs (vs Macbook)

iPad Pro 12.9″ M2 128 GB (2022) at the best price Base price: €1,469

iPad Air 5: our favorite

ipad air 5 review

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If the iPad Pro isn’t in your budget, the iPad Air 5 may meet your needs, whether you’re a pro or not. The only condition is to accept a slightly smaller screen (10.9”) and with less advanced technologies (no ProMotion for example).

Beyond this detail, which will have no real impact on a daily basis, the iPad Air 5 is arguably the most comprehensive consumer iPad to date. Its colorful design and the performance delivered by the M1 chip make it a good mix between professional and personal tablet.

Cut for productivity and multimedia, the iPad Air 5 will therefore meet the expectations of most users for a slightly more affordable price. While the iPad Pro starts at more than 1000 euros (without accessories), the iPad Air 5 is available from 789 euros.

The iPad Air 5 is for you if:

  • you have comfortable finances
  • you are looking for a versatile iPad
  • you use your iPad to work
  • you use your iPad for entertainment

iPad Air 5 64 GB Wi-Fi at the best price Base price: €699

iPad 10: getting started

Apple iPad 10

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If you’ve never had an iPad or are on a more limited budget, the iPad 10, launching in late 2022, may be a good alternative to more expensive models. If it is much more expensive than its predecessor when it was launched (589 euros for the basic model), it is nonetheless an interesting model.

First, because it incorporates many elements of the iPad Air, starting with its flashy colors and the integration of a fingerprint reader under the on/off button.

Among the other new features, note the integration of the USB-C port instead of the Lightning. A choice that poses a problem if you use a stylus. Indeed, the iPad 10 is only compatible with the 1st generation Apple Pencil which only charges on Lightning. You will therefore need to use a USB-C/Lightning adapter to recharge it.

For the rest, the iPad 10 carbide with the A14 chip which is powerful enough for most uses. Although its price is higher than the previous generation at its launch, it remains a good alternative to start in the iPad universe.

The iPad 10 is for you if:

  • you have a smaller budget
  • you don’t need extraordinary performance
  • you are looking for a versatile iPad

iPad 10 64 GB at the best price Base price: €589

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iPad 9: the cheapest

iPad 9 twitter review

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If the iPad 10, offered at more than 500 euros is still too expensive, the iPad 9 launched in 2021 remains an excellent alternative. Offered at 439 euros, it is more expensive than when it was launched, Apple having decided to surf on the crisis and inflation to increase its prices.

Whatever, iPad 9 remains the cheapest iPad in this 10.2” format to date. If its design is starting to date, it remains effective. Its A13 Bionic chip remains powerful enough for simple productivity and photo editing as well as multimedia uses.

Ideal for beginners in the Apple universe, it will be particularly suitable for middle and high school students and even students (excluding creative courses).

iPad 9 is for you if:

  • you have an even more limited budget
  • you use your iPad for basic purposes
  • you mostly use your iPad for entertainment

iPad 9 64 GB at the best price Base price: €389

iPad mini: the most compact

iPad mini 6 grip review

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The smallest iPad isn’t the most affordable. Apple charges this unique format on the market 659 euros (in 64 GB version). A high price, but it is that of rarity.

Above all, the iPad mini is a compendium of technology. Its 8.3” Liquid Retina screen makes it a wonderful tool for taking notes, drawing and creating. iPad really apart, we do not recommend using it for productivity with a mouse keyboard, the display can be uncomfortable. In contrast, its format perfectly combines mobility and comfort.

The iPad mini is therefore not for everyone, but if its original format seems suitable for your uses, you will not be disappointed. The author of this article uses it daily and never tires of it.

iPad mini is for you if:

  • you are looking for a very mobile iPad
  • you mostly use your iPad for entertainment
  • you take a lot of notes or do creative tasks
  • you have a comfortable budget

iPad mini 6 64 GB at the best price Base price: €559

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Refurbished iPad: a good alternative

If Apple’s proposal isn’t for you, there are also great alternatives on the refurbished market. For example, you can find high-performance iPad Pros well below the 1000 euro threshold.

The iPad 8, which is quite similar to the iPad 9, also comes at a great price. Refurbished also limits the ecological impact of your consumption of technological devices. Today, specialists in the sector also offer a guarantee of at least six months. So it’s worth looking into.

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