On the brink of burnout, cybersecurity pros want to quit their job


In 2022, how are cybersecurity professionals faring? The answer to this question is not encouraging as the latter regularly express their discomfort. According to a new survey commissioned by the company Mimecast and carried out among workers in the sector, things are even tending to get worse.

The mental health of cybersecurity professionals is being tested

In detail, 56% of respondents report increasing levels of stress from year to year. Moreover, 54% of respondents say that their mental health has taken a hit with the constant evolution of threats.

Another damning finding: one in three employees say they are regularly absent from work due to burnout, and a similar proportion of those surveyed plan to leave their job soon.

When we look at the figures in more depth, this observation is in fact nothing really surprising. In fact, 77% of respondents to this survey said that the number of cyberattacks their company has faced has increased over the past year or remained stable. The threat is therefore constant and leaves little time to relax.

Studies follow and resemble each other in this area. We were talking to you in particular last June about this survey carried out by the company Deep Instinct among 1,000 cybersecurity professionals.

It showed that 45% of them plan to leave the sector this year due to stress. Similarly, 46% of participants know at least one person who has gone elsewhere.

Among the reasons that these employees often mention, we find prominently the idea that their company is absolutely not equipped enough to deal with hacking attempts.

A good reason to rejoice

To calm their anxiety, cybersecurity specialists can rejoice in a favorable development that we reported on last month. For example, a survey by ThriveDX of 1,900 security managers and IT professionals found that 97% of organizations have cybersecurity awareness measures in place for their employees. This can in particular involve training operations or simulations.

This is excellent news because we know that the latter are the first links in the cyber defense chain. Moreover, it is often through a careless error on the part of one of them that hackers manage to hack into a company’s systems and put it in danger.

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