They will plant millions of trees while playing a video game


Plant 100 million trees worldwide by 2025 while playing a video game. This is the goal of the Carbon Counts studio which plans to launch the mobile game EverForest. Concretely, the actions of the players will be converted into tree planting through the reforestation associations Eden Reforestation and Earth Lungs.

A video game initiative to be welcomed

To finance this title, Carbon Counts has successfully raised funds of 7 million euros and qualifies the latter as “play to plant”. If there are still some mysteries, we already know that players and their friends will be able to discover information related to trees and animals through a beautiful story. Our evolution in EverForest will then allow us to plant trees in real life.

Quoted by VentureBeatMichael Libenson, co-founder of Carbon Counts explains: It is a free-to-play mobile game. There is a character called Mr. Nature who brings together all the people and animals in the world to build a flourishing forest. She recruits all players to become forces of nature. . . »

He adds : ” The game is designed to be, at its core, social with limited time events. We believe we can ultimately get many, many people to become gamers and help make the world a better place. »

While climate misinformation is a major issue, this new title offers players a fun way to learn about these issues. The opportunity to relax the atmosphere a little in a very difficult period.

Players are very sensitive about climate change

It remains to be seen whether gamers will respond. The potential is clearly there and we know that the latter are very aware of these subjects. In particular, we spoke to you last September about this survey carried out by Unity, the multiplatform game engine. Over 2,034 people residing in the United States who gamble regularly were surveyed.

It shows in particular that 70% say they are worried about climate change, while 74% say it is important in their personal life. They are also 56% to think that the video game sector must do more in this area.

Finally, players are much more mobilized than the rest of the American population and say they are ready to act in the future. 49% of them would like to join an environmental protection association compared to 32% of the general population.

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