Amazon crushes its prices, 10 XL deals this Sunday


This Sunday, November 13 is displaying special Black Friday offers for the first time. This is the first big weekend where merchants are releasing discounts on part of their catalog. Rather than focusing on the last Friday of the month alone, they want to please their customers by regularly publishing new flash sales.

Below are the specific links to Amazon and other merchant sites. Black Friday is also very dynamic among software publishers. If you want to buy a cheaper antivirus or VPN, this is the perfect time to do so. The discounts are among the most aggressive in recent years on all these services.

Black Friday deals:

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This morning, the Single Day on AliExpress has definitely ended to make way for Black Friday. This operation, which takes place on the last Friday of the month in the United States, lasts almost the entire month in France. The behavior of customers is different and it is for this reason that e-merchants in France are adapting to the context. The French do not like pressure and make their purchases throughout the month.

For this second weekend of November, Black Friday is already showing its colors with many players. Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac or direct brands are already making some offers. This is the case of Samsung, Emma or even Bitdefender and NordVPN. These companies do Black Friday directly on their site for their community.

Black Friday has already started

For more than two decades, Black Friday has been a moment expected by the French to save money. It is an operation that has totally eclipsed the sales or the French Days. Online merchants are now focusing on this period to achieve their annual goals. For the general public, it is a solution for making smart purchases while waiting for the Christmas holidays.

Black Friday on Amazon and its counterparts is for all types of products. You can therefore buy cheaper electronic devices, but also software or products in beauty, decoration or toys. On the Amazon site, all categories and hundreds of thousands of references are seeing their prices drop very sharply and very quickly. Officially, the latter will publish all its Black Friday offers this November 18.

For Sunday, you have to go here and there to find the first discounted deals. Amazon has a page with all of its flash sales. But above all, the best deals are to be entered directly on the site of the brands and manufacturers. They have no problem starting Black Friday a few days early and pleasing their customers.

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As always, first come will be first served. This year has been the source of many stock-outs. In electronics, the actors are very affected. Even Apple would have production problems with the return of Covid to China. For Black Friday, there will inevitably be fewer offers and the few rare stocks can go very quickly. We therefore advise you to secure your purchases as soon as possible.

Amazon, leader of the famous Black Friday

Black Friday is an American concept. unlike Single Day which comes from China. It is Amazon that has largely contributed to democratizing it in France. Since then, all the local players have gotten involved. With the return of inflation, the French are waiting more than ever for this chance to make cheaper purchases on quality products.

Admittedly, Black Friday does not allow you to sell at a loss unlike sales. However, cyber-merchants have made this operation a more upscale event than the sales. These are a big destocking with products that are generally not in vogue. During the Black Friday operation, we see high-end brands lower the price of their latest products to the delight of users.

The earlier you buy during this month of November, the more likely you will be to secure your purchases. Indeed, ruptures can occur at any time. It is for this reason that e-commerce players like Amazon have decided to start their Black Friday earlier in time. This Sunday is an ideal day to shop without any stress. There are still stocks on most of the products.

In France, you also have a right of withdrawal. Regardless of the website on which you buy a product, you have 14 days to change your mind. Among software vendors and with Amazon, you even have 30 days to return your purchase for a refund. This also applies during Black Friday and any other commercial operation. So you can buy now, even if it means sending back after the real Black Friday at the end of November.

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