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Contents this week: in his column Romain Vitt looks back on the electric car in 2022 and why he will not take the plunge yet, what the DVORAK keyboard brings to the iPhone, the latest news arriving for groups on WhatsApp, and finally, Revolut which could soon offer mortgages.

“Why I will not buy an electric car yet”

Tesla Supercharger

In his latest editorial, our tech section manager Romain Vitt talks about the transition to electric cars, and why, in his opinion, even with the financial incentives available in 2022, many French people are still reluctant to replace their internal combustion engine cars. Autonomy, recharging, long journeys, price of new electric cars… here is his opinion and the points that still need to be improved to really democratize electric cars.

What is the DVORAK keyboard coming to iPhone?

iphone 14 plus size review

The latest iOS 16 update adds a new keyboard to the list. But this time, it’s not yet another keyboard adaptation for a specific language. Because the new keyboard, called DVORAK, is universal. The DVORAK keyboard was created in the 1930s with a focus on ergonomics and minimizing movement to increase typing speed. With a little practice, the DVORAK keyboard can type up to 20 times faster than on an AZERTY, QWERTY or QWERTZ keyboard.

Meta ends anarchy in WhatsApp chat groups

whatsapp web

WhatsApp is gradually evolving its features through updates. The messaging app especially announces changes in newsgroups. It becomes easier to organize the different threads, and even to group several groups in the same place. And suddenly, communities become encouraged to use several discussion threads in the same group, a bit like the channels that can be launched on other messengers like Slack – among other new features.

Revolut is considering offering mortgages

Nik Storonsky 2022

The neo-bank Revolut continues to seduce European customers. The formula of the neobanks seduces by its simplicity: the customer manages practically all aspects of his account himself, in exchange for particularly low rates. But inevitably, all neobanks have so far sinned on one point compared to real banks: they rarely offer credit or mortgage solutions. It is precisely on this point that Revolut could soon evolve. Nik Storonsky, the boss of Revolut, said in a recent interview his intention to launch the firm on the mortgage market.

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