Marvel, isn’t it cinema? Black Panther star responds to Martin Scorsese


It’s no secret that filmmaker Martin Scorsese doesn’t enjoy Marvel movies. He also explained in 2019 that the MCU feature films are only amusement parks and not art per se. His words sparked a real controversy at the time, and the director had subsequently put a little water in his wine by arguing that after all, it is all a matter of taste.

“We give everything for the Marvel franchise”

Three years have passed but his statements still haunt Hollywood. Thus, while she was promoting the film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever released this Wednesday in France, actress Danai Gurira was interviewed by our colleagues from QG on this subject.

Far from slipping away, she replied in substance to Martin Scorsese. His remarks seem full of emotion and testify to his involvement in Ryan Coogler’s film. She explains thus:

Well, I worked very closely with Ryan Coogler. My experience working under him is definitely deeply cinematic in every sense of the word I can imagine. We don’t leave anything at home. We give everything. We bring our understanding of our culture, our humanity, our gender, the complexities of the world we live in, and all its specificities.

She adds : ” We have to come and give everything we have for this franchise. And that’s what we do. We didn’t make the two films thinking, “Oh, that was nothing”. No. We gave everything, and even more. So I hope someone thinks this is cinema. »

Words that should go straight to the heart of Marvel fans who are millions of people who go to dark rooms every time to follow the latest developments in this cinematic universe.

Martin Scorsese does it again

Not sure, however, that this is enough to convince Martin Scorsese. Recently, the director of Taxi Driver gave it a layer. This time he criticized the evolution of Hollywood cinema since the 1980s, which he describes as ” repugnant “.

He explains: ” The focus now is on numbers, cost, opening weekend, how much it made in the US, how much it made in England, how much it made in Asia, how much it made in the world, how many spectators it had. »

Do you share Martin Scorsese’s point of view on current Hollywood cinema? Tell us in the comments.

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