Telecommuting is revolutionizing business, and this is just the beginning


All those who thought that the use of telework was only a temporary period to get through the pandemic will be at their expense. Two new studies recently published tend to prove that this method of organization is set to last.

Companies will have to adapt to this new situation.

Thus, the Semrush platform drew up a clear observation by identifying that searches such as “remote jobs near me”, “part-time remote jobs” and “remote jobs for beginners” quadrupled between July 2021 and July 2022. At the same time, the number of telework vacancies has increased but at a relatively low level, and there is therefore a mismatch between supply and demand.

Techrepublic also spotted the Owl Labs/Global Workplace Analytics survey of 2,300 employees in the United States. The conclusions are again very clear. Indeed, the percentage of employees who want to work remotely full-time is now 42%, up 8 points from a year earlier. Similarly, 36% of respondents envision a hybrid organization with onsite and remote work.

Note that all is not rosy in telework, and the respondents made it clear. They are in particular 51% to say that the office is more favorable to advance their career, against 31% to estimate that it can also advance thanks to teleworking. 49% also say that it is difficult to build relationships with members of the management team with this mode of organization.

Quoted by our colleagues, Frank Weishaupt, CEO of Owl Labs, specifies: This new data shows that successful companies need to present a range of hybrid options and technologies to keep workers happy and productive, as one-size-fits-all remote or in-person work policies don’t allow everyone to perform at their best. of themselves “.

Snap relies heavily on telework and finds its way there

It should be noted that some large companies have fully understood this issue. To cite just one example, we recently told you about Snap, which has decided to give up its offices in San Francisco. From now on, employees have total freedom, they can opt 100% for teleworking. But those who wish can also go from time to time in coworking spaces rented by the company. For the company, it is also a way to save money in a very delicate period.

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