Which countries are most affected by cyberattacks?


Every week, many studies are published in the field of cybersecurity. If not all of them are interesting, this analysis published by the Surfshark company particularly caught our attention because France is ranked in a very unfavorable position.

A worrying ranking for France

The experts have thus made a ranking of the countries most affected by data leaks quarter by quarter. For the third quarter of this year, Russia leads with 22 million possibly hacked data.

It is also interesting to note that it was not among the countries most affected by hacking attempts before the start of the war in Ukraine. Cyberwar therefore seems to be in full swing, but without much coverage in the media.

In second position, and this is a surprise, we find France with a little less than 14 million data that have potentially been exposed. It is difficult to know precisely the origin, but we know in any case that many companies and public administrations have been the target of hackers this year.

These figures, although to be taken with a grain of salt, illustrate the very tense climate in which we find ourselves in terms of cybersecurity. For example, it is estimated that every second worldwide, 14 accounts are targeted by hacking attempts.

A hotline to manage cyberattacks

The results of this study differ quite significantly from another analysis that we told you about last year. The online portal Statista had indeed compiled the data published by Specops and taken over by the Visual Capitalist site. The objective was to see which countries are the most targeted by major computer attacks.

This time, the United States topped the list with 156 cyberattacks recorded over the period 2006-2020. This represents an average of eleven attacks per year. France had suffered 11 major cyberattacks over the past fourteen years.

The tricolor authorities seem to have since become aware of the extent of the threat. Thus, the government has decided to initiate an emergency number dedicated to cyberattacks. In concrete terms, this line will be reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week like any emergency service.

Callers may be put in contact with experts from the National Information Systems Security Agency (Anssi), but also those from the Ministry of the Interior.

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