After rockets, SpaceX engineers deploy these small hotels


If you were wondering where the employees fired by Elon Musk could have gone, we found them. Former engineers who worked for Tesla and SpaceX are currently developing a rather original business, based on luxury tents set up here and there in the American countryside. The concept ? Buy or rent a attempted, install it in your woods or on your beach, and cash in on seasonal stays. You are also free to participate as a simple traveler: the manufacturer’s site, Jupe, acts as an Airbnb-like.

Inside, we still find all the comforts to spend holidays serenely. Already, a queen size memory foam bed to immerse yourself in the arms of Morpheus. With this, air conditioning and heating are included and 120 volt sockets allow you to connect your equipment like at home. Oh, and the duvet is heatedin case the radiator is not enough.

But who the hell could have embarked on such a project (whose design is reminiscent of the Fyre Festival), supported by… Y Combinator and Initialized Capital ?


© Skirt

Living in a dumpster

To get an idea of ​​the characters, let’s look at the case of the CEO of Jupe. This is Jeff Wilson, passed (very quickly) by the prestigious Harvard University. The entrepreneur explains that he lived for a year in an old waste container to soak up the culture tiny house. One of the motorcycles of his new company, created in 2020, would thus be to help the billion and a half people without adequate accommodation. Yes, with nights often displayed at several hundred dollars…

Jupe also evokes the case of a sustainable development of its products, but its toilet cabin which recycles organic waste has not yet seen the light of day. The manufacturer thus easily compares its own solution to the mobile construction toiletswhose environmental impact is disastrous.


© Skirt

A big no

At a time when all eyes are on COP27, a tent with air conditioning to deploy in the natural environment, it’s going badly, especially with little information on the provenance of the materials. The format with a minimalist and futuristic look is sharp and solar panels are well offered with the material of Skirt, but it is not enough.

If despite everything the experience tempts you, know that Jupe emphasizes extraordinary stays in places, it must be said, quite sublime. It’s up to you to choose between observation of the Milky Way, surfing sessions and songs of the forest…

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