The number 1 editing app on iPad comes to Android


With the emergence of video formats in social networks in recent years (thanks TikTok), video editing has become a must for anyone who wants to post content.

While applications like Final Cut or Adobe’s “Première Pro” solution exist and are used by professionals every day, these programs have several disadvantages. The first is above all their price. You have to spend several hundred euros to access the licenses of the two solutions.

LumaFusion: a well-known solution

If solutions exist online to download Premiere Pro or Final Cut without paying, we remind you here that it is an illegal act, punishable by law. But luckily for the users, there are myriad apps out there that offer the ability to do video editing.

LumaFusion, multiple award-winning on Apple devices, is one of them. Known to iPhone and Mac owners, this application has just taken the plunge and is now available on the Android Play Store as well as under ChromeOS.

Voted best iPad application of the year 2021, LumaFusion arrives on Android with some serious arguments to make. The solution offers up to 12 tracks on the editing strip, 6 of which can be video.

LumaFusion: simple and effective

It is possible to use transitions pre-made by LumaFusion. The secret to LumaFusion’s success lies in its ease of use. The app isn’t perfect, it’s not as detailed as Premiere Pro or Final Cut, but it’s not meant to be.

LumaFusion wants to address a wide audience, while offering a smooth and pleasant user experience. Few applications manage to make this compromise. Today the application costs only 30 dollars on the App Store for iPad or iPhone, but owners of Android devices are entitled to an exceptional discount of 33% for the launch of the application on the Play Store.

With this price, Lumafusion gives access to one of the best solutions for video editing, without breaking the bank. Easy to learn, the application can also be a very good solution for semi-professionals. They don’t always need to produce rich and long edits and look for intermediate solutions.

LumaFusion is available today on the App Store for €35.99. The Android version is exceptionally sold at €19.99. For the moment only a beta version of the software is available, but this article will be updated when the application is finally released on the Google Play Store.

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