The Nickel Account takes a step closer to inclusion


Until now, the name you entered on your credit card was automatically the one you also entered when subscribing. A principle in force in the majority of establishments. At Nickel, the “bankless account” of BNP Paribas, things have changed. For its 2.8 million customers, what the marital status provides will no longer necessarily be what you need to provide on your card. The name, which will appear on the map, could be another: the name of use.

Nickel has just announced this change to go further in its concern for inclusion. This particularly concerns transgender and non-binary people, to deal with the many prejudices and discrimination against the LGBTQIA+ community. It will still take a little patience, but from the beginning of next year, Nickel customers will be able to change their name on their bank card. “Something to facilitate trans-identity journeys”wrote the establishment in a joint press release with its partner Mastercard.

Inclusion at Nickel

This novelty is called “True Name” and Nickel has just released a video to show how it will materialize. She specified that the project had started in May 2021 with surveys sent to customers to learn more about their comments on her offer. The co-president of Inter-LGBT, Elisa Koubi, made the connection between this initiative and “the 2016 Defender of Rights recommendation to French banks to take into account the first name of their customers who request it”. The Defender of Rights being an independent constitutional authority in operation since 2011.

In addition, Nickel has forged its notoriety and its attractiveness by turning from the outset to customer profiles, again left behind by the banks. These included foreigners and banking bans. “Nickel is the account for everyone and inclusion is our raison d’être: whether in the acceptance of more than 190 passports for our foreign customers, the generalization of the notch on our cards for our visually impaired customers , or now with True Name”declared Marie Degrand-Guillaud, Managing Director of Nickel.

Since its launch in early 2014, Nickel has experienced quite exceptional growth with up to 1,500 account openings per day at the end of 2021. In the ranking of the largest French mobile banks, Nickel ranks second, after Boursorama Banque. Unlike its competitors, however, it does not bet only on digital and has deployed through partnerships with tobacconists, where it installed its terminals. Today, the establishment is expanding abroad. Belgium and Portugal this fall and Germany in early 2023.

Current account

Conditions: None

Annual fee: €20 • Initial deposit: €0

Check deposit: ✘ • Cash deposit: ✔

Bank card

Monthly cost of the card: 0 €

Euro zone withdrawals: €0.5 from a tobacconist, €1 at an ATM • Euro zone payments: Free

Withdrawals in foreign currencies: €2 per transaction • Payments in foreign currencies: €1 per transaction

Proposed cards



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