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The big day is approaching. It’s actually December 14th. that Avatar: The Waterway will be released in cinemashas. The promotional campaign is therefore in full swing, and in this context, James Cameron is not stingy with interviews. During an interview with our colleagues fromEntertainment Weeklyhe also made an interesting revelation on the set of the film.

An extraordinary technology used on the set of Avatar 2

In detail, we learn that the production used underwater jet-packs for the aquatic scenes. The filmmaker specifies that he wanted to avoid his actors having to wear webbed feet. He explains :

They do a run, and when they’re in the glide phase of the run, they trigger the jet-pack with a little switch and it makes them move forward a few feet. They moved their hips as if they had a tail. It was called the crocodile swim.

And that’s not all. James Cameron took advantage of this interview to sell dreams to fans. He specifies in particular that this feature film required a total duration of more than 3 hours. Why ? ” Because there are more characters to show. The emphasis in the new film is more on the characters, on the story, on the relationships, on the emotion. And the director compares the scenario to that of the legendary HBO series The Sopranos.

It remains to be seen how the public will welcome Avatar 2. According to James Cameron, this will be decisive. He recently clarified: Ok, we end the story with a 3rd film, and no need to go further if it’s not profitable “.

James Cameron could pass the torch

The legend of the seventh art indeed has doubts: “ The world has changed since we wrote those films. There have been two successive blows: the pandemic and the rise of streaming. Or maybe the other way around, people will remember what it’s like to go to the cinema. The film provokes that, it recalls what the experience of the cinema provides. But the question is: does it really matter to people now? »

Moreover, the director of titanic says he has other exciting projects to produce, and he could therefore pass the torch of Avatar to another filmmaker after the third or fourth installment.

We will know very quickly if the success is there for Avatar 2. For your part, have you planned to go see the film? Tell us in the comments.

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