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In the United States, Black Friday lasts 24 hours. In France, it lasts almost two weeks. The merchants understood that the behavior of the French was different and that they did not like the emergency mechanics.

Below, you’ll find a selection of great ones on Black Friday from Amazon and the like. Updated this Tuesday, it will allow you to access the essentials of good deals in tech. The merchant links allow you to directly access the pages dedicated to the operation.

In the last decade, the craze around Black Friday has grown stronger. With the general public eagerly awaiting this operation, cyber-merchants have been forced to adapt. They have therefore reduced their investments in sales to concentrate on this operation. In addition to Amazon, local merchants such as Cdiscount, Fnac or Darty are participating in this national operation.

Black Friday came to France with the help of Amazon, but then local players fully embraced the event. It must be said that the French have greatly benefited from this operation which takes place a few weeks before Christmas. This is an opportunity for them to buy less expensive gifts, without neglecting quality or quantity. On larger brands, the savings can be substantial.

The best Black Friday deals

If Black Friday on Amazon and consort is so successful, it’s for several reasons. First, we mentioned the timing: it is a few weeks before Christmas, which is necessarily very promising. But also, Black Friday relies on the quality of the offers. To boost sales volumes, merchants promote discounts on the biggest brands.

Concretely, we have brands like Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi that animate Black Friday on Amazon. This Tuesday, for example, we find the latest MacBook Pro M1 Pro with a convincing discount on the American platform. All categories are targeted: in household appliances, we find for example Tefal, Dyson or even Roborock with discounts that are not seen during the year.

At the beginning of the month, we had the Single Day on AliExpress which is a kind of alternative to Black Friday. In a few days, we saw stock-outs everywhere. For this Black Friday on Amazon, Cdiscount, Fnac and others, we should expect the same thing. Once the merchants have announced their offers, they no longer change over time: so you might as well grab them before they run out.

See offers on Amazon

Compared to the sales, Black Friday also has another big advantage: the quality of the offers. Rather than relying on volume, Amazon prefers to release discounts on products that are popular. This is how he ensures a large turnover and a strong enthusiasm for Black Friday. In comparison, the sales only act as destocking on products which, by definition, have difficulty selling.

Finally, it should be noted that general e-merchants are not the only ones to offer discounts for Black Friday. Indeed, there are plenty of small brands that take advantage of their official website to lower their prices during this event. In our list above, we direct you to Boursorama Banque, NordVPN or even Bitdefender to subscribe to their services directly on their site with generous advantages.

Return your shopping after Christmas on Amazon

In France, there is a legal constraint that requires e-merchants to give customers 14 days to withdraw from their purchase. As soon as the product arrives delivered to your home, the countdown can begin. This is the case, for example, at Cdiscount, Fnac, Darty and even Boulanger. During the year, Amazon already stands out with 30 days after delivery to assert its right to withdraw.

During Black Friday, Amazon has understood one thing: customers are buying Christmas gifts in November. Preventing them from returning them after December 24 is therefore a constraint for them. To avoid this, the merchant platform voluntarily extends the return period to a fixed date: January 31, 2023. Any purchase you make can therefore be returned until that date.

In other words, if you buy, for example, an Apple product on Amazon this Tuesday before Black Friday, you can return it until the end of January. It is therefore almost two months that you have to test the product, or to offer it at Christmas. This will save you from having to put it on Le Bon Coin or eBay right after Christmas. Amazon takes it back on the condition that it is like new and refunds you immediately.

A few days ago, Amazon said that its Black Friday would last from Friday November 18 to Monday November 28, 2022. In fact, it has already started releasing offers on its platform. We see many of its products losing a few precious percentage points like its Echo Dot or Echo Show speakers. The more time passes, the more offers there will be in its catalog. We can expect a million products at a discount at the time of the peak.

Whether in store or on the internet, there is still an urgency to quickly seize the offers. On this first Tuesday of Black Friday, Amazon and others are already showing certain limits on stock. It should only get worse as the days go by. Rather than having the disappointment of missing out on an offer, we invite you to grab it as soon as possible. You can always exercise your right of withdrawal to get a refund.

To do Black Friday, it’s here:

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