To destroy cybercrime, this Frenchman publishes an infallible antivirus


You must see it on the news: every day, millions of people are victims of hacking. We tend to talk about the most critical establishments (such as hospitals) but individuals are the most numerous victims. It is for this reason that the use of antivirus software has grown significantly with the rise of the web.

The general public increasingly realizes that the risk is near. Overnight, you could lose all the data on your computer: work files, vacation souvenir photos, etc. Often, the sentimental value of these stolen files far exceeds the financial value. To avoid confusion, we advise you to take a good antivirus. It’s often cheap, and it can save you.

In France, we are extremely lucky: we have a very well-known publisher in cybersecurity. Intego has offered an antivirus for Mac since 1997, which it has since also declined for Windows. That said, its extensive Mac savvy has helped it reach over 40 million active customers. This database allows him to see very quickly if a virus is spreading on machines – and he can therefore react as quickly as possible.

For Black Friday, Intego has decided to give a gift to its future customers. You can thus take advantage of the Mac version of its antivirus for only 19.99 euros per year instead of 49.99 euros. If you have a computer running Windows, the discount is even stronger: the software goes to 15.99 euros instead of 63.99 euros per year.

View Intego Antivirus on Mac

View Intego Antivirus on Windows

In both cases, Intego offers you a 30-day trial for its antivirus. This allows you to install it and do a first scan of your computer to see if it is infected. Then, however, we advise you to extend it so that it is protected at all times. As soon as you let your guard down, an antivirus can interfere with your machine.

Sometimes viruses aren’t necessarily going to steal your data or hold it hostage. They can simply slow down your machine by taking computer power. In recent years, with the rise of cryptocurrency mining, hackers have widely adopted this technique. They can thus earn money passively thanks to your computer, without you realizing it. If your machine is slowing down, it may also be time to get a good antivirus.

30 days to test this French antivirus

If you’re looking for free antivirus for your Mac or Windows, Intego can do the job for 30 days. That said, we advise you to go further to keep your machine safe over time. Intego has your computer covered 24/7. As soon as it’s on, the antivirus kicks in and protects your data in the background. It will let itself be forgotten and does not penalize the speed of your computer.

For Black Friday, Intego is taking the discounts even further. It has put together a Mac-only bundle that includes its antivirus, a tool to optimize disk space, a cloud storage tool, and advanced parental controls. This complete and recognized formula sells for 29.99 euros per year (instead of 84.99 euros). Technically, you therefore have the four software by adding only 10 euros more than the antivirus alone. That said, it’s up to you to choose if you need it.

What is certain is that antiviruses are absolutely essential today to protect against global cyber warfare. You have to be wary of certain players: Kaspersky, which is of Russian origin, has been formally banned by the United States and Germany. France recognizes the risk, but does not prohibit it yet. Rather than going to these foreign solutions, choosing a French publisher like Intego is a safe bet. You have that your interests are protected.

To discover the bundle in question, it’s here:

See the Intego Bundle

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