What are the most used programming languages ​​in 2022?


By analyzing the most used programming languages ​​on its GitHub platform (which is owned by Microsoft), we find some trends in software development around the world. Indeed, the changes on this list compared to the last few years give an idea of ​​how software is developed today, and of the type of software developed.

As you can see from the data below, JavaScript remains the most used language in the world. Python becomes number 2, while Java is in third place. Another remarkable fact: PHP continues to decline, and is now in seventh place in this ranking.

GitHub programming language

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Languages, whose popularity is growing rapidly

GitHub has also taken an interest in the growing popularity of programming languages. And according to data from Microsoft’s platform, the fastest growing one is Hashicorp Configuration Language or HCL, powered by data centers and IT infrastructure. As for Rust, it has grown by 50%, which would be due to its security and reliability.

GitHub programming language

© GitHub

As for Python, which becomes the second most used language on GitHub, it has seen a growth of 22.5% compared to 2021. The language is said to be propelled by its usefulness in data science and in machine learning ( artificial intelligence).

GitHub also sees that application development continues to be on the rise. He cites the example of the Lua language, whose use has increased by 34.2%.

AI, cloud, and mobile

“Known for its usefulness in game development, Lua is widely used in application domains and game development”indicates Microsoft’s platform. “Notably, it is also used as a simple scripting language in scenarios ranging from games to application development to the Internet of Things (IoT).”

Otherwise, developers would also adopt faster languages ​​for tasks involving the cloud. And, of course, mobile app development continues to be popular.

GitHub also highlights the popularity of technologies, such as Kotlin or Dart, intended to simplify the development of mobile applications. And given that Android apps are now supported by Windows 11, this trend is not about to fade.

Also remember that Java, used to develop Android apps, is still among the most popular languages.

“After nearly 30 years of Java, you might expect the language to show signs of wear and tear, but nothing could be further from the truth”indicates the platform.

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