A fearsome Tesla competitor smashes its top speed record


It’s done, the Rimac Nevera has just set a new top speed record for a production electric car. The figure is very impressive, since the vehicle of the Croatian manufacturer exceeded 412 km/h. This result was achieved on the 4 km straight of the Automotive Testing Circuit Papenburg, Germany.

A resounding feat for the Rimac Nevera

It’s better than the Tesla Model S Plaid, from Quebec entrepreneur Guillaume André, who managed to reach 348 km / h last June. For this, the leader had developed a small program capable of deactivating the restraints of Elon Musk’s firm.

As one can easily imagine, Rimac quickly communicated on the exploit of its hypercar, and even added: “This record follows the Nevera’s 8.582-second quarter-mile run, independently verified in 2021, which made it the fastest production car in the world. »

However, the manufacturer would like to point out that this record was only possible thanks to the specific work of its teams. Normally, the Rimac Nivera will only be able to reach 352 km/h at top speed. He specifies : “As the tires are under enormous stress during these races, most care is taken to ensure the tires are set correctly for such high speeds. Production of the Nevera is currently underway at the Rimac headquarters in the suburbs of Zagreb, Croatia, and the first cars are already at customers around the world. »

The Rimac Nevera has it under the hood

It is worth remembering a few important things about Rimac and his car. Launched in 2007 by a Bosnian student, the company hasn’t stopped growing since then, and it is now valued at 2.2 billion dollars, while an IPO is very seriously considered. The company now has 600 employees and hopes to become a giant in the sector, selling electric cars, but also spare parts.

Regarding the Nevera, the manufacturer knows how to sell dreams to its future customers, and its marketing talent is well established. Rimac also works in concert with the French company Bugatti, which it bought last year.

This hypercar has almost 2000 horsepower under the hood and can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 1.85 seconds. There is no doubt that the announcement of the speed record will further perfect the legend of this vehicle.

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