Amazon is CRAZY, 10 nuggets this Wednesday morning


The month of November is crucial for the French and e-commerce: Black Friday is an essential time to do your Christmas shopping. If you aim well, it can cost you significantly less. For this Wednesday, we have made the list of nuggets. Amazon is already in the running.

Officially, Black Friday will take place from November 18 to 28, 2022 on Amazon. That said, the French e-commerce leader has already been starting its offers for a few hours. This Tuesday, for example, you can take advantage of discounts on Echo speakers or the Echo Show screen. Other brands are also honored such as Oral-B or Philips.

In the coming days, Black Friday on Amazon should take on another dimension. The American platform should pour hundreds of thousands of offers on the web to meet all needs. All product categories will be affected, well beyond the tech section. Everyone can find what they are looking for and save money on their purchases.

What’s on Black Friday?

Black Friday on Amazon, Cdiscount and others is a period during which merchants offer shock discounts on premium products. You don’t have the obsolescence of sales or the poverty of French Days discounts. Today is THE big highlight for French e-commerce of the year. For once, you can get real deals on products that are popular and recent.

Amazon exported Black Friday outside the United States where it was born. Americans love having this 24-hour craze following Thanksgiving. In France, the concept has been adapted to respond to customer behavior. It is therefore spread over a longer period to allow everyone to take advantage of Black Friday.

In fact, there have been Black Friday deals since the beginning of the month. Amazon is still a bit lacking, but some brands have already fully embraced the operation. This is the case for all antivirus and VPN vendors. For example, Bitdefender offers a sublime discount on its security kit, while NordVPN displays a crazy discount on its software. Both also offer 30 days to change your mind and get your money back.

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This year, like last year, there is a difficulty for customers: available stocks are low. Between the lack of production capacity, the pandemic in China and the low morale of some e-merchants, we will have to be quick. The discounts that appear will not be improved over the days: you might as well jump on them at the start of Black Friday. Amazon will not restock stock when it runs out.

Amazon promotes Christmas gifts

In France, e-merchants have an obligation: they must offer a withdrawal period of at least 14 days to their customers. The latter can thus return their purchases, free of charge, to be reimbursed if they do not like it. It is a solution to buy online without the risk of being disappointed with the final product. This also concerns Black Friday, sales or other operations.

For Black Friday, Amazon is aware of the timing: most French people want to make Christmas gifts. That said, these 14 legal days are not enough to buy Christmas presents now. To meet this challenge, the merchant has decided to make an effort: it allows all purchases to be returned by January 31, 2023. If you buy this Wednesday, a gift for Christmas, so you can easily exchange it or you reimburse beyond that.

Amazon thus stands out from Cdiscount, Fnac and others, which are always limited to 14 days. That said, with Black Friday deals, you’re guaranteed to get a bargain. Even if the gift were not to please, you can always resell it without making a loss. With the sublime rebates of this operation, it may even allow you to make a margin at the time of resale.

In our guide above, you mainly have high-tech offers. Don’t worry, Black Friday isn’t just about that. But as a site specializing in new technologies, we focus on this theme. However, we invite you to discover the thousands of offers that are already available this Wednesday on merchant sites. If you have 5 minutes ahead of you, you can get a head start on your purchases while benefiting from strong discounts.

Last year, on Black Friday — the last Friday of the month — there were massive stockouts. It was much better to make your purchases in the 10 days preceding this operation when prices were aggressive and stocks were still afloat. Whether it’s Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac Darty, there are already popular products that are marked as being out of stock. This is the case, for example, of the latest iPhone 14 which have delays of several weeks. It is therefore necessary to aim well so that the gifts arrive before Christmas.

To discover Black Friday on Amazon, it’s here:

See offers on Amazon

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