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With its Powerbeats Pro, Beats thinks of athletes with its earphones designed to make you move. Not practical or too heavy, wired headphones or headphones are clearly not your best allies if you like to train to music. It is rather advisable to turn to wireless headphones but they still have to hold the road… Thus, the Powerbeats Pro are designed to follow assiduous athletes as well as occasional sportsmen. Even better ? They are at reduced prices from November 20…

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Powerbeats Pro, the headphones that follow you everywhere

Music lover and sportsman? You’ll love the Beats Powerbeats Pro. These wireless headphones were designed to follow your every move. In-ear, they stay in place during your sports sessions thanks to their perfect adaptation to your ear canal while offering you optimal listening quality with isolation from outside sounds.

With support for spatial audio, Powerbeats Pro give you a immersive experience. You will be able to concentrate on your training. And just your training. In addition, you can leave your mobile in your pocket: the hands-free kit allows you to control applications and music at your fingertips. Even better ? Powerbeats Pro are able to detect when they’re in your ears and can start or pause your music automatically.

Powerbeats Pro’s Class 1 Bluetooth® technology is so powerful it delivers higher reach and less connection loss. It’s always handy when you’re working out and tend to move around a lot. It goes without saying that these Beats headphones are sweat resistant when you give it your all and in the light rain if you run outdoors. You don’t have to worry about damaging your headphones during your workouts.

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Finally, the Powebeats Pro have rock-solid battery life. Do you have a long workout planned? No worries, these wireless headphones accompany you during 9 hours straight. With the charging case, you can enjoy 24 hours of battery life in total. A real happiness. Are you about to leave for your sports session and you realize that your headphones are discharged? Do not panic : five minutes of charging in the case lets you enjoy an hour of non-stop listening.

The Beats Powerbeats Pro are available at Boulanger and from November 20, they benefit from an exceptional discount. In addition, at this time, the e-tailer offers you 4 months of Spotify Premium to exploit the full potential of these premium wireless headphones. This is the time to enjoy !

Explore Powerbeats Pro

If you are looking for other equally powerful headphones, two alternatives are available to you: the Beats Studio Buds with 24 hours of battery life, active noise reduction and unstoppable resistance to rain and water or the Beats Fit Pro which also has a very pleasant conversation mode or even port detection. Here too, take advantage of the special offers for this end of the year to treat yourself.

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