Netflix now allows you to fire that ex who is still taking advantage of your account


Good Samaritan that you are, you shared your Netflix account with this guy/girl with whom you shared a few days/weeks/months/years of good and bad times. And then the bad took precedence over the good, this idyll ended and you forgot that this person still had access to your account.

The omission gave way to the laziness of changing your password to prevent this (thee) ex from continuing to benefit from the service while he/she walked off with your best friend (that happens more often than you think).

Good news, Netflix will now allow you to cut access to this ex(y) as well as to this “best buddy”, as long as it takes.

You pay, you manage

netflix manage device access

© Netflix

More seriously, Netflix is ​​launching a new feature to “manage access and devices” linked to your account. To fire a user, simply go to your account settings and click on the “Manage access and devices” tab located in the “Security and confidentiality” tab.

You will then find all the information you need there: which devices have recently connected with the user name, when, where, with which IP address. A “Disconnect” button allows you to refuse access to the user for whom you no longer want to pay.

The hunt for account sharing

Officially, the American is deploying this novelty to “reinforce security”. “With the holiday season fast approaching, many of our members will be on the go and watching Netflix wherever they travel to see family and friends. Logging into your account at a hotel or even at a friend’s house is easy and intuitive, but sometimes people forget to log out. […] This feature is in high demand to help members manage their account security. » writes on the corporate blog Charles Wartemberg, product manager at Netflix.

Unofficially, we can see it as a new advanced pawn in the game of account sharing that Netflix intends to charge from 2023. Indeed, from next year, people who use the same account but who do not live in the same household will have to pay an individual supplement to continue using the service.

With this new profile and device management feature, Netflix is ​​likely hoping to get users fired by the account holder to pay for their own subscription.

And that’s good since Netflix has just reviewed its formulas. At the beginning of November 2022, the American giant launched an Essential formula with advertising which, as its name suggests, includes advertising. In return, the amount of the monthly subscription is more affordable (6 euros per month).

To ease the transition, Netflix has also rolled out a feature to transfer your old profile to your new account to retain viewing history and relevant recommendations. It’s still well done, isn’t it?

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