Apple turns your PC into an iPad with its new iCloud site


The site provides access to a series of web apps and services linked to your Apple account. There are emails, calendar, your iCloud Drive folders permanently synchronized with what is on your other devices, iCloud Photos which allows you to immediately view photos from your iPhone and other devices on any screen.

But also fully functional web app versions of Pages, Keynote and Numbers (equivalent to Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheet), access to your Notes and reminders and the ability to edit them from the iCloud page, or the very useful Find My app that allows you to geotag, ring, message, block or even erase your iPhone and other Apple devices remotely.

Apple changes the design of the site by taking inspiration from the iPadOS interface

It is also on iCloud that you can sometimes find photos and files that you thought were deleted… this site, as useful as it is, is relatively little used by users of Apple products. But that could change with the latest redesign that the firm has just pushed. When you connect to the site since this Thursday, November 17, 2022, you are greeted by a new, completely redesigned home page.

This is populated with various widgets like on the iPad, which you can freely rearrange and reconfigure. At the top left a tile gives quick access to your iCloud+ settings. But there are also widgets that directly provide a quick view and access to your latest documents, either edited in iCloud Drive or specific to an application.

Everything being particularly functional with this redesign, it becomes possible to actually use on a daily basis, a bit like some people already use Google Drive. Pages and Numbers in particular work particularly well online for creating and editing files online. And that, including on PC, which can give your computer, at times, the air of a giant iPad.

The update is in any case a very welcome change. The firm’s native applications and their synchronization between your various devices in the ecosystem is one of the assets appreciated by users of Apple products. But so far, without leaving the subject completely aside, the firm had been left behind by competing services like Google Drive or Microsoft 365.

By redesigning its interface a bit, Apple can try to attract more customers around the site. Although it remains to be seen if the more than 800 million iCloud users will really be ready to change the habits they have already taken with other services.

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