At B&You, mobile plans don’t wait for Christmas


Tired of your mobile plan and your current offer? At Bouygues Telecom, 100% no-commitment packages offer the best balance between mobile data and price. Before Christmas, the 100 GB offer at 15.99 euros per month is a great bargain. To take advantage of it, it’s here:

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B&You, without obligation above all

Of the four plans offered by Bouygues Telecom in its B&You range, the 100 GB unlimited plan at 15.99 euros is the one that is most likely to convince you. For less than 16 euros per month, you are entitled to an envelope of 100 GB of mobile data in France, of which 20 GB can be used in Europe and in the DOM, and unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

If the French consume on average less than 20 GB per month, this offer is perfect for heavy consumers of content. With increasingly powerful devices, the rise of cloud gaming and the advent of streaming in France, it has enough to meet the needs of users.

As with all B&You mobile plans, this offer is 100% guarantee without commitment of duration. To put it simply, if you’re not happy, you can cancel (and take your number to the competition), whenever you want, and from day one.

Even better ? You enjoy it all without engagement. At the slightest annoyance, you have the option of leaving the mobile operator. But Bouygues Telecom strives to offer an impeccable service so that you stay.

Mobile plans for everyone

The 100 GB offer is not the only one in the range. For the biggest consumers, the package at 19.99 euros per month offers you 200 GB of mobile data in France, of which 25 GB can be used in Europe and in the overseas departments. Calls, SMS and MMS are also unlimited. This is a perfect offer for ultra consumers, but also those whose fiber coverage leaves something to be desired at home or at work.

For small budgets or secondary lines, B&You offers its 200 MB package at 4.99 euros per month. This is the perfect package if you mainly need to call or write messages to your loved ones. Despite its low price, it also offers unlimited SMS, calls and MMS.

If you want to fully exploit the capabilities of your 5G smartphone, the B&You 5G 130 GB offer at 24.99 euros per month is perfect for you. It contains 130 GB of internet in 5G (or in 4G), of which 20 GB can be used in the European Union and the overseas departments. Unlimited calls, SMS and MMS are also unlimited.

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B&You: quality first

In 2022, non-binding packages are the basis. They allow you to be free of your choices, and not to have to pay termination fees. For Bouygues Telecom, offering such packages is also an excellent reason to offer a premium quality of service. Network level, the operator is in second place of the best mobile networks in France according to ARCEP.

The operator’s website has recently been updated to make choosing offers even easier. On one page, you directly see the 4 offers available and their advantages. If you want to keep your smartphone number when changing plans, it’s very simple. To do this, simply call 3179 to retrieve your RIO number and then communicate it to Bouygues Telecom when subscribing to your new plan. The mobile operator takes care of terminating your current subscription and transferring your number to Bouygues Telecom.

Since B&You packages are exclusively available online, it is very easy to subscribe to the best mobile offer of the moment. To discover all the B&You packages at a mini price, it’s here:

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