LinkedIn is growing and reveals its advice for 2023


During an interview with the French magazine Capital, Fabienne Arata, in charge of the hexagonal market for LinkedIn, returned to a key figure just unveiled by the company. This is a historic milestone: the platform has just passed the twenty-five million members in France, a figure that has been growing for several years. Of course, the advent of telework There is something to do with it: finding a job is now much easier online than by posting CVs in the mailboxes of your neighborhood…

All profiles are represented

When it comes to knowing where the different profiles that register on the platform come from, we learn that beyond tech executives and young entrepreneurs, there are also manual trades. Fabienne Arata emphasizes in particular that “electricians” or some “physiotherapists” are among the members, which can perhaps be explained by the resurgence of home services. L’uberizationwhich now affects all sectors of activity, is also a factor to be taken into account in this key progression.

It must be said that twenty-five million users is actually 80% of the working population in France. In two years, LinkedIn claims to have won 20% more users, a very encouraging statistic at a time when other applications are struggling in the face of the crisis. We think for example of the case of the French Luko, a mobile insurer who wants to be resilient despite everything. Even Apple, which is also developing an advertising targeting solution like LinkedIn, had to freeze hiring to hold up in these times of crisis where inflation is spreading to all continents.

How to optimize your profile to find a job?

Interesting: during the interview with our colleagues from Capital, Fabienne Arata also took the opportunity to recall some good practices. It is therefore recommended to use the badge Open to work if you are looking for a job, to clearly identify your needs. With this, also think about the recommendations: it is adding them in sufficient numbers – but not too many either! – on your LinkedIn profile that you will allow the recruiter to better understand you.

Today, LinkedIn is available in more than two hundred countries and its app is available on iPhone, on mobiles running Android and on iPad. However, the web version is still widely used on computers, in particular because it is more ergonomic to manage advertisements or use the advanced search.

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