should we fall for the cheap iPad (but a little anyway)?


Almost every year, Apple has made a habit of presenting a new entry-level iPad to replace its predecessor in the catalog. But in 2022, the brand is reviewing its plans. The iPad 10 or iPad (2022) was indeed presented at the end of the year, but the iPad 9 (or iPad 2021) is still in the catalog.

Thus, the iPad 9 is Apple’s cheapest iPad and the iPad 10 a cheap but somewhat expensive iPad. Inevitably, to justify the price difference between the two models (589 euros against 439 euros), Apple had to bring some new features. But are they sufficient to justify such a surge in prices? Should we fall for the iPad 2022? Answer after a few weeks of testing.

iPad 10 64 GB at the best price Base price: €589

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Yes, for its new design

Finally ! Apple has finally decided to revamp the hackneyed design of its most accessible iPad. Exit the giant black contours and the physical button under the screen, the new iPad (2022) takes up the design of the 5th generation iPad Air.

If the contours of the screen remain wide compared to the competition, the whole remains more homogeneous. colorful, the iPad 10 (2022) is also a bit thicker and heavier than its predecessor but displays a flatter format. The set is much more pleasant to take in hand and, above all, is more modern.

Two details mark a turning point in the history of the iPad: the lightning port gives way to USB-C, for better and for worse (see below). Apple has also replaced the camera on the right side (when it is vertical) for better framed videoconferences. This new provision sends a clear message: the iPad is also a tablet designed for productivity.

ipad 2022 screen review

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The 10.9” Liquid Retina display (surrounded by homogeneous borders) contributes to this successful design. Bright (521 cd/m2 according to our 01Lab laboratory tests), it also displays the best color fidelity of the entire range with a Delta E 2000 of 0.96. The only downside: the contrasts could have been more pronounced.

What is the Magic Keyboard Folio worth?

This iPad (2022) comes with a new accessory. The Magic Keyboard Folio is divided into two parts. The first, which covers the tablet by magnetism, incorporates a crutch over the entire width of the shell, like the Microsoft Surface. A very good idea since we can thus tilt the iPad according to our desires.

The second is a full keyboard with trackpad that attaches to the iPad using the Smart connector on the lower edge (when horizontal). Very comfortable, it allows you to chain hours of writing with a certain comfort. As for the trackpad, it is reactive and wide enough for navigation that is as fluid as it is pleasant.

Two faults are to be noted: no magnetic system or fastener keeps the “keyboard” part stuck to the iPad when it is closed. There is no housing for the Apple Pencil, this iPad being only compatible with the first generation (without magnetic system).

Finally, note the exorbitant price of this accessory. 299 euros is the amount requested by Apple to equip itself with this keyboard case. Like the first Magic Keyboard, the Folio version is therefore not within reach of all budgets. By adding an Apple Pencil, the two accessories cost 418 euros, almost the price of an iPad (2021). By adding the price of the iPad 10 (2022) we arrive at a total of 1007 euros. A little strong coffee.

Apple Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad Silver at the best price Base price: €149

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Apple Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad Black at the best price Base price: €205

Yes, for its performance

ipad 2022 camera review

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“Entry-level” model obliges, Apple does not deliver its iPad (2022) with an M1 or M2 chip. The American still improves its copy compared to the previous generation by integrating an A14 Bionic chip inaugurated with the iPhone 12 and the iPad Air 2020 (4th generation).

Combined with 4 GB of RAM, it allows the iPad 10 (2022) to perform all tasks faster and more efficiently than the previous generation. We observe the power gain on the most advanced uses such as video editing, photo editing in RAW or graphics applications. Multitasking is also smoother.

Apple ensuring an impeccable follow-up of its products, you are also certain to enjoy this level of performance for several years (at least six if we refer to previous generations). What to pass (a little) the pill of the price (we will come back to it).

Yes, for its autonomy

ipad 2022 test size

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While M chips are recognized for their excellent performance/autonomy ratio, the A14 Bionic chip of the iPad 10 (2022) is less effective in this area. While the iPad 9 (2021) recorded a versatile autonomy of 12:01 (according to the results of our lab 01Lab), that of the iPad 10 (2022) peaks at 10:21. In video streaming, this autonomy drops to 9:48 compared to 11:17 for the previous generation.

Should we feel disappointed? Absolutely not. With such performance, the iPad 10 (2022) remains an enduring tablet. It even does better than the iPad Air (2022) which does not reach 10 hours of autonomy in general-purpose use.

Concretely, the iPad 10 (2022) will be able to accompany you during a working day, provided you do not force too much on greedy uses such as photo editing, video editing or gaming.

No, for the wrong USB-C/Apple Pencil combo

ipad 2022 camera review

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This is the first time that a “simple” iPad has been equipped with a USB-C port. A transition long desired by most users, the Lightning port seriously starting to date. In addition, other iPads have already had this USB-C for a long time.

We could congratulate ourselves on this choice (charging is faster, transfer speeds improved) if Apple had not chosen to enter this iPad only compatible with the 1st generation Apple Pencilwhich recharges in… Lightning.

For those buying the stylus for the first time this year, an adapter comes with the accessory to connect it to the iPad (2022). But for those who already have the Pencil, you will have to pay a few extra tens of euros to use this adapter.

Since it attaches to the left edge of other iPads using a system of magnets, why didn’t Apple simply ensure that the iPad (2022) is compatible with the Apple Pencil of 2nd generation? Great question, thanks for asking. By integrating its camera on the right border (when it is vertical), Apple improves the quality of videoconferences, in particular thanks to the best framing. But this new layout does not leave room for the magnetic system to attach the 2nd generation Apple Pencil. It’s as simple as that, and it sucks.

No, for iPadOS 16 restricted

ipad 2022 review ipad 16

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Like all new models, the iPad (2022) integrates iPadOS 16, Apple’s in-house software. It therefore inherits all the strengths of this operating system (but also its weaknesses).

If Apple’s know-how in software optimization is well established, we regret its choice to restrict its OS on this iPad (2022). While iPadOS 16 is above all designed to improve productivity, the iPad (2022) does not benefit from the main novelty in this area, I named Stage Manager.

This new feature is the showcase of Apple’s know-how and improves multitasking. With the iPad (2022), we must therefore be satisfied with a classic display: a full-page application, two applications split in two with the choice of an additional floating window.

This software limitation would be due to insufficient power of the A14 Bionic chip. True or not, this does not appease our great disappointment.

No, for its far too high price

ipad review 2022 price

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The new iPad is offered at a price of 589 euros in WiFi version or 789 euros with 5G connectivity. Admittedly, this 10th generation brings its share of new features, but they are still based on technologies that have been used for a long time by Apple.

The A14 Bionic chip, although powerful, does not date from this year. The screen, although comfortable, does not rely on state-of-the-art technology either. As you will have understood, the components that equip this iPad are no longer of the first youth. At Apple, recycling is therefore very expensive. And the marketing discourse will not change anything.

This price positioning is all the more surprising since the iPad 9 is still in the catalog, at a price of 439 euros. If its design is certainly outdated, it does nothing less than the iPad 10.

One could then imagine that the iPad (2022) is positioned as a mid-range model and more entry-level. We could… if the 5th generation iPad Air, displayed at 789 euros, did not play this role.

In fact, the iPad (2022) is too expensive to be an entry-level iPad but not enough to be a mid-range iPad. This bastard positioning makes its value for money very bad.

iPad 10 64 GB at the best price Base price: €589

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Our opinion on the iPad 10 (2022)

Technically, the iPad 10 or iPad (2022) is a very good entry-level iPad. Efficient and durable, it has an attractive screen and sports a brand new, much more modern, colorful design.

The problem is that by its price positioning, the iPad 10 (2022) is no longer an entry-level iPad.

In reality, the iPad 10 (2022) is too expensive to claim to be affordable, but not enough to establish itself as an interesting mid-range model, especially since the iPad Air 5 takes on this role.

In addition, the iPad 9 (2021) is still in the catalog for a more affordable price. Above all, if we disregard its somewhat outdated design, the latter does nothing less than the new model.

It is therefore very difficult to know who this iPad (2022) is aimed at. To college students? No, iPad 9 is no longer recommended. To high school students? Same. To students ? Same conclusion. For those who need a more powerful productivity tool? The iPad Air 5 is here for that. No, really, after several weeks of testing, we still don’t know who this iPad with such a strange positioning is aimed at.

iPad (2022)


ipad review 2022

Design and finishes


Performance and interface


Autonomy and charging


Value for money


WE love

  • New design
  • Bright screen
  • Good performance
  • Good autonomy

We love less

  • Slow charging
  • iPadOS 16 restricted (without Stage Manager)
  • Compatible Apple Pencil 1st generation only
  • Expensive accessories
  • Exorbitant price

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