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Every year, Black Friday attracts millions of French people to merchant sites. This edition is even more anticipated as inflation hits the wallet. While the operation officially begins on Friday morning, there are already many offers in progress this Thursday. We have made a list to prepare the ground for you as best as possible.

Black Friday and Amazon are closely linked: the merchant was the one who helped export the commercial operation outside the American borders. In France, this event has been part of the landscape for almost ten years. It has taken the upper hand over local operations such as the sales or the French Days. These were invented as a response to Black Friday.

Black Friday still has an advantage that the others do not have: it is at a critical time when consumption is high. In this second part of November, the French take the opportunity to do their Christmas shopping. So now is the perfect time to offer discounts and boost sales volumes even further.

Why play on Black Friday?

Black Friday is an operation that was invented a very long time ago, in the United States. This is always held for 24 hours, the day after Thanksgiving Day. Logically, it is therefore the last Friday of the month that the event is held in the United States. In France, cyber-merchants prolong the pleasure since Black Friday lasts almost 2 weeks. It’s a real comfort.

The French don’t like the rush, nor the pressure of flash sales in just 24 hours. It is for this reason that e-merchants like Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac leave a longer period to their community. From Friday November 18, you will have absolutely all the Black Friday offers that will be online. There may be a few more flash sales, but the bulk of the deals will be available.

From this Thursday, Black Friday on Amazon took another turn. The e-commerce giant has started to reveal nuggets on thousands of references including its own brands. So you can save money on all devices equipped with the Alexa voice assistant (including Echo speakers). In tech, there are also discounts on the latest iPhone 14 Pro or MacBook Air.

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Black Friday at Amazon and Cdiscount is not limited to high-tech. We can see discounts on furniture, decoration, sports or beauty accessories, books or toys. If the event has acquired such a scale, it is because it meets the expectations of the French. It’s a chance even though the end of year celebrations are in about a month.

Compared to shopping without a discount, you can easily save 30% on Black Friday at Amazon. Sometimes, it can go even further with discounts that go up to 80% on certain references. Please note that merchants of all kinds are not allowed to sell products at a loss. Discounts are therefore directly deducted from their margin. They lower the prices on certain SKUs to hope that you buy other products at the base price.

Amazon imposes its brand

During Black Friday, Amazon offers premium service to all of its customers — even non-Prime ones. Indeed, the merchant offers to return his purchases made during the month of November until the end of January 2023. This allows people to buy Christmas gifts now, give them at Christmas time and send them back afterwards. if they don’t like it. This is a way to take no risk on these purchases.

The other merchants remain subject to legal obligations in this area: Black Friday is no exception since they give 14 days to change their mind. This implies that you will therefore have to return them within two weeks if you do not like them. This therefore does not allow you to shop for Christmas without any risk. That said, with the savings you can get on Black Friday, you won’t have to worry about reselling them.

This year like last year, there will be a risk on the stock. Black Friday at Amazon last year saw many breakups happen even before the actual Friday. Amazon is not pretending and it is releasing all its offers on Friday, November 18. You won’t find anything better afterwards, except if there are flash sales. But almost all of the deals are available around 10 days before the real Black Friday.

Rather than waiting and watching stocks decrease, it is better to take charge as soon as possible and secure the gifts you want to give. Whether it’s for you or for those around you, it’s time to go and save money. However, Black Friday Amazon sees real resistance from all French players who are also very active during this key period. Direct brands are also developing on this operation.

From our list above of this Thursday’s bargains, you can see that Black Friday isn’t just about Amazon. There are live brands that are making eyes at their customers with specific offers on their site. It’s a good way to capture them directly, without going through an e-commerce platform. We have included in the list above all those players who have attractive offers and which you might like. Here too, there is an inventory dimension to keep in mind.

To discover Black Friday this Thursday, it’s here:

See offers on Amazon

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