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This fall, Y-Brush is getting a makeover. At IFA, Y-Brush presented its third generation of revolutionary toothbrushes. Always as innovative and efficient, the French startup continues to take care of your oral hygiene. We tell you all about this wonder that will change your daily life.

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Y-Brush: an increasingly innovative toothbrush

Today, Y-Brush has made the bet to lift the veil on a simplified and diversified range of toothbrushes: NylonStart and NylonBlack. But whatever model you choose, the mission of the Lyon-based startup remains the same: to take care of your teeth and make your life easier. In effect, Y-Brush democratizes toothbrushing in 10 seconds. Indeed, although dentists recommend brushing their teeth for two minutes for good oral hygiene, the French only tackle it, on average, for 42 seconds. It was time to make this chore much more enjoyable.

Y-Brush stands out with its particular Y shape which allows it to brush all sides of each of your teeth simultaneously. No tooth is left out and you save a lot of time, unlike “classic” toothbrushes. Manual or electric. This explains why Y-Brush allows you to brush your teeth properly in just 10 seconds. Its 35,000 flexible nylon filaments succeed in removing all dental plaque in one gesture.. In addition, Y-Brush has filed four patents on electric toothbrushes.

Unlike electric toothbrushes found everywhere, the Y-Brush brush head does not rotate: it vibrates. A detail, perhaps, but that does a lot. In effect, this allows a effective and much softer brushing. Results ? Gums preserved and less inflammation.

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In order to accompany you everywhere without incident, Y-Brush benefits from an autonomy of 3 months. So many days during which you are quiet. Remember that it is recommended to brush your teeth two to three times a day. But with this revolutionary toothbrush, it shouldn’t be too hard to stick to.

To obtain such an effective toothbrush, the Lyon-based startup called on French dentists and worked tirelessly for four years. Today, Y-Brush is the only electric toothbrush on the market to be made in France. No wonder it has conquered more than 80,000 users in just two years and that you have been able to see it appear in several television news, notably on TF1, M6 or France 2. And this is only the beginning! Y-Brush has just raised 6 million euros to continue this good momentum and accelerate its development.

Two new Y-Brush models to discover

Of the two new models unveiled, the Y-Brush NylonStart toothbrush stands out as the brand’s new entry-level. Displayed at 79.99 euros, it is more accessible with a lower price than what the startup has offered so far. But still just as effective with its unique vibration mode. The Y-Brush NylonBlack toothbrush, meanwhile, stands out with its four vibration modes and its handle with a very pleasant premium finish for 129.99 euros. Kids will love the fact that they can fully customize their NylonKids with an included sticker sheet. As a bonus, they are entitled to a toothpaste applicator in the shape of a whale!

Along with two new models, Y-Brush is launching a handy subscription system for brush heads. Thus, you now have the possibility of receiving your new brush head at the frequency of your choice… And of saving some money. Even better, you can take advantage of this subscription system for floss, tube or chewable toothpaste from Y-Brush. A breath of fresh air is blowing near Y-Brush.

Discover Y-Brush

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